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June 21, 2024

New Car Sales Break Month-On-Month Slump With 8 Percent Growth In May 2024

Improvements in vehicle supply and continued strong demand has pushed vehicle sales up month-on-month. May’s 8 percent growth versus April 2024 breaks the two-month slump that members of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) faced. It is also a 5.5 percent growth compared to May 2023.

In May 2024, new car sales reached a total of 40,271 units.

Almost all brands saw a month-on-month increase in May versus April 2024 figures led by Mercedes-Benz (+233 percent), Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (+58 percent), and Nissan (+49 percent). The minority which saw sales drop month-on-month include BMW (-29 percent) and Kia (-13 percent).

Toyota led all brands with 18,677 units sold or a 46.38 percent share of the market. They’re followed by Mitsubishi with 7,318 units (18.17 percent), Ford with 2,553 units (6.34 percent), Nissan with 2,184 units (5.42 percent), and Suzuki with 1,858 units (4.61 percent).

For those keeping score, Chinese brands for the month of May, sold around 5.83 percent of the total industry volume with SAIC Motor (MG) taking the lead with 736 units sold.

Here’s the full breakdown:
  1. Toyota – 18,677 units (46.38 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 7,318 units (18.17 percent)
  3. Ford – 2,553 units (6.34 percent)
  4. Nissan – 2,184 units (5.42 percent)
  5. Suzuki – 1,858 units (4.61 percent)
  6. Isuzu – 1,623 units (4.03 percent)
  7. Honda – 1,424 units (3.54 percent)
  8. Hyundai – 1,097 units (2.72 percent)
  9. MG – 736 units (1.83 percent)
  10. Kia – 355 units (0.88 percent)
  11. Geely – 334 units (0.83 percent)
  12. GAC Motor – 319 units (0.79 percent)
  13. Foton – 317 units (0.79 percent)
  14. Chery – 295 units (0.73 percent)
  15. Mazda – 225 units (0.56 percent)
  16. Hino – 203 units (0.5 percent)
  17. Jetour – 170 units (0.42 percent)
  18. Mercedes-Benz – 110 units (0.27 percent)
  19. Fuso – 109 units (0.27 percent)
  20. Changan – 98 units (0.24 percent)
  21. JMC – 77 units (0.19 percent)
  22. BMW – 72 units (0.18 percent)
  23. Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram – 41 units (0.1 percent)
  24. Peugeot – 25 units (0.06 percent)
  25. Jaguar Land Rover – 25 units (0.06 percent)
  26. Volkswagen – 18 units (0.04 percent)
  27. Terrafirma Motors – 7 units (0.02 percent)
  28. MAN Trucks – 1 unit (0.00 percent)
Broken down, Passenger Car or PC sales hold a 27.23 percent share of new car sales last May amounting to 10,967 units. This is an 8.9 percent growth versus April. Meanwhile, Commercial Vehicles accounted for 72.77 percent of sales or 29,304 units—a 7.6 percent growth compared to April 2024.

This is how the Top 10 Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle sales stacked up:
  1. Toyota – 5,943 units (54.19 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 2,343 units (21.36 percent)
  3. Suzuki – 917 units (8.36 percent)
  4. Honda – 511 units (4.66 percent)
  5. Nissan – 465 units (4.24 percent)
  6. MG – 300 units (2.74 percent)
  7. Mercedes-Benz – 108 units (0.98 percent)
  8. Kia – 94 units (0.86 percent)
  9. BMW – 72 units (0.66 percent)
  10. Ford – 51 units (0.47 percent)
While for the Top 10 Commercial Vehicle sales this is how it looked like last May 2024:
  1. Toyota – 12,734 units (43.45 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 4,975 units (16.98 percent)
  3. Ford – 2,502 units (8.54 percent)
  4. Nissan – 1,719 units (5.87 percent)
  5. Isuzu – 1,623 units (5.54 percent)
  6. Hyundai – 1,096 units (3.74 percent)
  7. Suzuki – 941 units (3.21 percent)
  8. Honda – 913 units (3.12 percent)
  9. MG – 436 units (1.49 percent)
  10. Foton – 317 units (1.08 percent)
For the first five months of 2024 (January to May), new vehicle sales have reached 187,191 units—a 12.7 percent increase compared to the same period in 2023.

Both passenger car and commercial vehicle segments grew sales by double digit at 17.6 and 11 percent, respectively.

Five-month sales of passenger cars increased to 49,247 units this year from 41,862 a year ago.

Commercial vehicles sold 137,944 units from January to May 2024 from 124,242 in the same period last year.


  1. Tinalo na talaga ng MG Ph ang Geely Ph...

    1. Tama! Old generation models na ang sa Geely aside sa previous na aftersales issues. Unlike MG introducing new models including hybrids/EVs. Pag kinuha na ng Geely main corporate and pag manage ng Geely Phils baka maka bawi.

    2. Sales of MG are only high as it still sells outdated and unchanged 5 to 6 year old vehicles like the ancient MG5 and MG ZS Style/Alpha that are very affordable and heavily cash discounted
      MG Philippines is slowly phasing out the MG ZS Style and MG ZS Alpha in favor of the recently released MG ZS Comfort and Lux variants which are a bit expensive but well equipped.
      MG5 is much cheaper and value for money than the Wigo and Vios that's why its still selling well though MG Philippines plans to also heavily update it too..Other MG vehicles like the MG One and Marvel R are slow sellers.

    3. MG5 not value for money, its old, not reliable, not durable, will cost you more later on maintenance and repair, has almost junk resale value, as a bonus you will got a lot of head aches and stress.

    4. Thousands of MG5 owners in the Philippines are very satisfied with their very reliable and affordable value for money vehicles that they've bought and owned.
      MG5 is a much better buy than the DNGA Wigo and 11 year old Vios J

  2. For sure Kia will rise in ranking again next month with the introduction and sales of Sonet. VW Phils how sad that you are just contented to stay at the bottom list for how many years now "consistent kayo kumbaga" wala na bang iba?

    1. You're concerned too much about the sales of Volkswagen Philippines as if you can afford their vehicles.
      Volkswagen Philippines is waiting for the new line of affordable Volkswagen EVs made in China which are gonna be introduced around next year

  3. 5.83% Despite so many brands and dealerships. it seems china car brands hit a wall of reliability issues and just eating each others market share.

  4. Chinese are selling their junk, their overproduced cars in the Philippines.

    1. As if you can afford one KC 🤣
      Just stick with your father's Wigo,Avanza and Raize

  5. Just my opinion. I think the Koreans are in a dangerous position. Unlike the Japanese who has build supply chains across SEA, the Korean cars are comparatively more expensive to build. The Chinese cars on the other hand are sure to make greater inroads if they price 10 to 20pct below the Japanese

    1. Best selling Korean vehicles in the Philippine market are mostly made in China and Indonesia 🤣 Hyundai is gonna sell a made in Vietnam Accent Sedan later this year
      Made in Korea EVs are still super expensive that's why EVs from BYD are outselling it

  6. Sales and marketing of Geely is gonna improve a lot starting next month once the officials from Geely China started taking over the local distribution and operations business of Geely vehicles in the Philippine market
    Geely will continue to sell the same vehicle lineup and give away the same huge cash discounts
    Geely is finding a way to sell the updated export market versions of Starray and New Okavango with 1.5 liter turbocharged engines in the Philippine market in order to make it mor affordable as the current export market units of those SUVs are only available in 2 liter gasoline engine variants.


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