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June 20, 2024

MPT Drivehub's Push Notification Makes RFID Balance Checks Easier

MPT Mobility continues to innovate and improve the overall customer experience with the latest app updates found in MPT DriveHub. The MPT Mobility companion app is deploying a new in-app push notification feature, adding to its roster of in-app services that make driving more enjoyable, secure, and seamless.

With the expected travel surges in the coming months, the new in-app notification feature has arrived just in time to help improve everyone’s expressway driving experience. “It is important for us to be proactive in catering to the needs of motorists, especially nowadays where the demand on road travel means more than just getting from one point to another. We are excited to launch MPT DriveHub’s newest features to help transform Filipinos’ daily lives for the better on the road,” said Gines Barot, Vice President for MPT DriveHub.

The latest app update in MPT DriveHub wants to remove a minor speed bump in checking one’s RFID balance with its new RFID Account Balance in-app push notification. This will help drivers keep an eye on their Easytrip RFID balance, giving them peace of mind and seamless drives.

This new feature enables users to access other additional details that would help in their daily drives.

Part of it is the ability to see your entry and exit details. With expressways having various exits along the way, this will help them stay updated in terms of where they are and continue having a relaxing drive wherever they may be. Transaction amount tracking will also be handy for motorists as toll prices vary from where vehicles enter and exit. It will help better monitor the exact amount deducted from Easytrip RFID accounts, which will be great for those who like to account for their daily expenses. Lastly, with this feature, account management is reinforced through vehicle-specific transaction monitoring, allowing those with multiple vehicles registered under one account to see the balance notification of one specific vehicle that they selected and starred as a favorite. 

Find and enable this new feature in your MPT DriveHub app by opening the account settings and toggling the push and in-app notifications.

As the leader in smart urban mobility, MPT Mobility continues to prove that it is going to great lengths to continue its nation-building manifesto with its digital solutions arm MPT DriveHub. With its new in-app notification feature, MPT DriveHub will pave the way for more Filipinos to drive their way — from everyday travels to enjoyable getaways around the country.

Download MPT Drivehub on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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