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June 14, 2024

Treat Your Dad To A Health & Wellness Experience At Lexus At Mitsukoshi BGC This Father's Day Weekend

Take your father to an exclusive health and wellness activity happening this Father’s Day weekend (June 15 to 16) at Lexus at Mitsukoshi at BGC (secure your spot here).

Lexus highlights the importance of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle with partners that promote a fit body and fit mind.

All dads who visit the Lexus space can enjoy tailor-fit programs about body conditioning, preventative measures, and recovery with an exclusive session of Sports Physiotherapy with Pro Health Sports and Spinal. Seeking physiotherapy treatments is an extended method of treatment, looking into different aspects of your life – from your daily routine, body type and posture, the sports and exercise you do or the lack of it, to giving you lifestyle tips and prescriptive exercises that prevent further pain and injury.

Fathers and would-be dads can also avail themselves of special biking workshops that focus on the proper forms of riding a bicycle from Brick Bike Boutique. In collaboration with professional fitters, the team will conduct free bike fitting sessions and a basic workshop for dads interested in starting cycling.

The workshop will cover understanding bike anatomy and mechanics, road safety, and essential riding skills. Additionally, top bikes will be displayed on-site. Special discounts will also be available for guests after the workshop.

Guests may also enjoy the services of Fixifoot Insole with sessions on scanning your foot with a 3D scan analysis to find the insole that fits best. Fixifoot is the Philippines’ leading customized orthotic insoles. Using state-of-the-art technology, it harnesses the newest 3D foot scanning technology to ensure targeted support to your arches, heels, and overall foot alignment—ensuring that every step is met with the right balance of cushioning and shock absorption.

Dads can also sit back and relax and enjoy high-quality nutritious cold-pressed health drinks by Pro Juice PH and coffee drinks from Satori as they get to see and experience the Lexus electrified models on display.

Secure your spot for any of the workshops via this link.

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