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June 25, 2024

VinFast Lands In TIME Magazine's 2024 List Of 100 Most Influential Companies

Vietnamese electric car company VinFast lands a spot in Time Magazine’s 2024 list of 100 Most Influential Companies (Time100), with Time100 applauding the car maker for its disruptive influence, rapid growth, and innovative approach.

With ambitions that rival established auto giants, VinFast embodies a bold vision that impacts the market through its innovative and unprecedented business model. The recent recognition with Time100 highlights VinFast’s contribution to the electric vehicle industry, calling it “an EV splash.” Time100 has recognized VinFast as a “Disruptor,” acknowledging the Vietnamese company’s impact on the automotive industry as it introduces innovative technologies while challenging traditional business models.

VinFast’s groundbreaking sales strategies were also recognized by Time Magazine, as the publication highlights the unique nature of VinFast’s battery subscription electric vehicle business model. VinFast’s battery subscription policy separates the battery cost from the car price, making electric vehicles more affordable for a wider range of consumers.

Additionally, the company offers free battery replacement when capacity diminishes, further reducing the long-term ownership costs. This customer-centric approach has been met with positive reception, as it addresses a major barrier to electric vehicle adoption: upfront costs.

The battery subscription model will be, as confirmed by Vinfast, offered in the Philippines.

The company has set a bold target of delivering 100,000 vehicles in 2024, a threefold increase from current sales. This ambitious goal is backed by plans to expand its global presence, targeting markets from the U.S. and Canada to those closer to home like Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.


  1. Too advertorial make it more subtle. Obvious PR play of Vinfast Ph. So far from what I read and saw online Vinfast reviews not great. Marques Brownlee said it is similar to Fisker which the worst car he reviewed. Donut said it is the US worst reviewed car.

    1. Worst in US could be best in Ph for some reasons.

  2. EVs are problematic because of high acquisition costs, limited range and range anxiety, inadequate charging stations, long charging times, high depreciation costs and very low resale values. Buyers have a choice but they are forewarned. Imagine charging your car when you are living in a condominium. The GROUP who are pushing the electric car agenda so they can control our range and movement are supporting Vinfast in their all EV marketing through their so called awards by their controlled media.

  3. I looked this conpany up a bit and I have to say...



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