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June 12, 2024

Hyundai Previews Raize-Sized EV Crossover Called Inster

Hyundai has revealed the first teasers to its upcoming new EV SUV: the Inster. An A-segment sub-compact EV SUV, the Inster will become the Korean automaker’s most affordable battery electric offering.

The name is derived from “Intimate” and “Innovative” and as a product, it’s a spin off of the Korea-only petrol-powered Casper which was introduced in 2021. The Inster is being envisioned as a global model.

Hyundai says the Inster will set new standards in terms of driving range, technology, and safety features. It will have a projected maximum range of 355 kilometers on a single charge.

Based on the teasers, the Inster keeps the Casper’s robust, yet compact profile but now comes outfitted with Hyundai’s trademark EV design cues such as the pixel-graphic turn signal lights and taillights.

The Inster will make its global debut later this month at the Busan International Mobility Show starting on June 27.


  1. Hyundai ph should just bring in the casper and price it lower a bit than raize.

    1. Zero chance it'll happen as Hyundai Indonesia isn't interested of manufacturing this vehicle and Hyundai Philippines can't even bring the Casper to the Philippine market due to pricing issues
      DNGA Raize is only affordable as Daihatsu Indonesia used lots low quality sheet metal,low quality plastics,thin paint and low grade steel to every DNGA vehicles they build to make it more affordable even if the quality and safety of the the vehicle is so low


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