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June 1, 2024

Shell PH's Reformulated FuelSave Gains You Mileage

After reformulating its Shell V-Power fuel last year, Shell Pilipinas Corporation has now done the same with its Shell FuelSave.

The new and improved Shell FuelSave is imbued with New Generation Deposit Targeting Technology that removes deposits in critical engine parts and prevents any future deposit build-up. This is the product of five years of Shell’s rigorous testing.

“We need to continuously evolve our fuel formulations because engine technology is evolving. Modern engines work under harsher conditions, at higher temperatures, under higher loads,” said Shell Fuels scientist Tina Jia.

With Shell FuelSave Gasoline, motorists can “earn” one liter per full tank (based on a 50-liter tank size) or 15 more kilometers of travel. Meanwhile, with Shell FuelSave Diesel, motorists can save up to 1.6 liters per fuel tank (based on a 66-liter tank) or 19 more kilometers of traveling distance.

The new and improved Shell FuelSave comes as Shell Pilipinas Corporation celebrates its 110th year.

To celebrate this dual milestone, the company gathered 110 motorists with different types of vehicles at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. They then hit the road with friends and families to experience the “Sulit ang Bawat Trip” promise of Shell FuelSave.

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