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February 10, 2023

Pilipinas Shell Rolls Out Improved V-Power Fuel

Motorists now have another reason to visit Shell with the new and improved Shell V-Power that cleans 100 percent of performance-robbing deposits and prevents future build-up on vital engine parts. Removing these deposits can fully restore engine performance.

“Vehicle manufacturers strive to increase modern vehicles' performance and efficiency. More efficient engines require fuels to perform under tougher operating conditions, exposing them to gunk build-up and corrosion over time. With that in mind, Shell V-Power has been developed to work even more effectively even in challenging conditions,” Schaefer said.

“We are always looking to ensure we deliver our best ever products and services for our customers. That's why we are proud to launch the new and improved Shell V-Power to help our customers make the most of their journeys on the road," said Pilipinas Shell Head of Mobility Marketing Arvin Obmerga.

Shell V-Power, the company's best-ever performance fuels for cars, has undergone more than five years of research and development. This latest development is in line with Shell’s mission to make life’s journeys better through its evolving range of fuels and a retail experience that puts forward convenience, quality, and choice for its customers.

The Philippines is one of the first markets to launch the new and improved Shell V-Power with further rollouts planned for 2023.


  1. What exactly improved?

    1. Engine cleaning properties. Octane/cetane numbers remain the same as before.

    2. That's kinda vague. I wonder how they "improved" it. A more technical and detailed explanation would be nice.

    3. I already asked for something more technical from the Shell folks. Let's see if they'll get back to me.

    4. Here is Shell's official response:

      The new and improved Shell V-Power is our best performance fuel. It now cleans 100% of performance-robbing deposits and prevents future build-up on vital engine parts. Removing these deposits can restore up to 100% of engine performance. It has been specially designed with powerful cleaning agents to help maintain the cleanliness of key fuel system components in both gasoline and diesel engines and protect them. It provides unbeatable protection against corrosion and our best protection against wear.

      The new and improved Shell V-Power fuels have undergone rigorous testing using industry standard and Shell proprietary tests developed by an expert team of fuel scientists and engineers across the world. We wanted to develop our fuels to help meet the needs of modern and older engine technologies to continue to deliver to our customers. A big part of this involves adapting our products to the changing vehicle conditions they are required to work in.

      We recognize the importance of engine cleanliness, improved engine efficiency, and protecting vital engine components from performance-robbing deposits. Our range of premium fuels provide a full spectrum of medium to high octane rated fuels to give customers options that meet the evolving needs of their cars. With the new and improved Shell V-Power, beyond just the octane and cetane ratings of our fuels, we are giving them more: 100% cleaning benefit and up to 100% engine restoration with continued use.

  2. Marketing tactics. No real change. If it was improved, there should also be news on other countries

  3. No wonder Piolo is the ambassador. The so-called "improvements" are as vague as the actor's "preferences".


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