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February 24, 2023

Geely Launches Yinhe (Galaxy), Their Flagship Electrified Brand

Geely has unveiled their flagship electrified vehicle brand, Geely Yinhe (Galaxy) with two initial products—the Galaxy L7 plug-in hybrid SUV (below photo) and a fully-electric concept called the Galaxy Light (above photo).

The Yinhe models integrates Geely’s global car development capabilities and for that they will employ a dedicated electrified architecture along with the E-CMA (Compact Modular Platform) for its long-range hybrid models.

The Yinhe L7 boasts of a wheelbase reaching 2,785 mm allowing for a maximum legroom of 630 mm. It will also come with a top-mounted airbag which deploys from the upper edge of the windshield. In addition to impact protection, the roof-based deployment of the airbag will also provide the occupant with added protection in the event of windscreen breakage.

Seven new models in the Yinhe range are planned to launch in the next two years with four of them being long-range hybrid models such as the Yinhe L7 SUV and the Yinhe L6 sedan. On the other hand, fully electric models, which will be branded as the Yinhe E range, will start with the Yinhe E8.

The plug-in hybrids will use a dedicated powertrain which Geely calls the NordThor 8848. This powertrain boasts of a peak thermal efficiency of 44.26 percent thanks to a predictive thermal management system—an industry first, according to the brand.

This hybrid engine is paired with a three-speed hybrid transmission which offers the best balance of performance and fuel economy. For the Yinhe L7, the PHEV SUV will hit 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, and reach a top speed of 200 km/h. A single tank of fuel, according to Geely, will cover 1,370 kilometers,

Meanwhile, Yinhe E models will use Geely’s Aegis battery safety system which will offer increased user protection including an industry-first electromagnetic radiation protection. In terms of structural protection, the battery is meant to withstand a bottom impact test at 30 km/h, and a full-length bottom scape test at 20 km/h. The battery design is also fire-proof and explosion-proof with a high-puncture resistance and a low fail rate.

Regardless of powertrain, the Yinhe models will be powered by the Yinhe N operating system. Using a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, it will enable the fastest system startup in its class—requiring just 0.5 seconds for it to reach a ready operational state.

Furthermore, using Geely’s own satellite network, it’ll give the Geely Yinhe vehicles access to centimeter-accurate positioning. Together with high-precision maps, it will unlock intelligent driving functions.

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