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February 14, 2023

Philippine New Car Sales Up 42 Percent In January 2023; Honda Re-Enters Top 5

The Philippine automotive industry continues its strong recovery by selling 29,499 units last January. This is 42.1 percent higher than January 2022’s 20,785 units. However, on a month-on-month basis, the tally is 20.8 percent lower to December’s 37,259 units.

The Commercial Vehicle (CV) segment continues to dominate the local industry, accounting for 74.5 percent of all vehicles sold (21,993 units). This is a 46.8 percent jump from a year ago.

On the other hand, Passenger Car (PC) cornered a 25.4 percent share of new vehicle sales with 7,506 units sold. This is 29.8 percent higher than last year.

For January 2023, Toyota Motor Philippines has already taken a huge lead, by carving out a 45.42 percent market share (13,428 units sold). They’re followed by Mitsubishi Motors Philippines in second with 5,030 units sold. In third is Ford Motor Philippines with 2,107 units, while in fourth is Nissan with 1,878 units.

Honda Cars Philippines was the resurgent brand selling 1,639 units in fifth, overtaking Suzuki who has to settle in sixth with 1,476 units. In seventh is Isuzu Philippines, while in eighth is Hyundai Motor Philippines. Geely is now in ninth, with Kia completing the Top 10.

Philippine New Vehicle Sales For January 2023
  1. Toyota (13,428 units)
  2. Mitsubishi (5,030 units)
  3. Ford (2,107 units)
  4. Nissan (1,878 units)
  5. Honda (1,639 units)
  6. Suzuki (1,476 units)
  7. Isuzu (1,275 units)
  8. Hyundai (642 units)
  9. Geely (622 units)
  10. Kia (426 units)
  11. Foton (231 units)
  12. Chery (210 units)
  13. Hino (161 units)
  14. Mazda (93 units)
  15. Mercedes-Benz (74 units)
  16. Fuso (67 units)
  17. BMW (63 units)
  18. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram (27 units)
  19. Peugeot (22 units)
  20. Volkswagen (17 units)
  21. Jaguar Land Rover (12 units)
  22. Tata (5 units)
  23. Columbian Motors Corporation (2 units)
  24. Man (1 unit)
  25. SsangYong (1 unit)
  26. Volkswagen Trucks & Buses (1 unit)


  1. Kudos honda and hyundae

    1. Seems Hyundai is not getting a lot of traction... it seems all their TOTL models are overpriced.

  2. Mazda's strategy of going upscale is really working. Almost same na sila ng sales ng Benz and BMW 😄

    1. Not quite. They have a huge backlog of orders, particularly of the Mazda3, CX-5, CX-8, and MX-5. They've been hit pretty bad by the chip/logistics issue.

  3. No one bought a Subaru in last month?

    1. Subaru (Motor Image) is a member of AVID, not CAMPI. AVID hasn't released any info for quite a number of months already.

    2. Subaru's are really pricey :/

  4. SsangYong sold 1 unit :)

  5. unbelievable that Peugeot sold more than VW though it is to be expected. The dearth of VW dealerships, especially within the metro, can be a factor

    1. yep, and one of those is just a showroom, the one in BGC I believe are all just showrooms?

  6. I feel bad for Ssangyong. It's a good SUV specialist. It's just unfortunate about the name and recent financial troubles.

    1. Bermaz n autohub did not neglected sangyong in ph, but rather the probz was originated from sangyong korea got into financial trouble and change of owneship several times

    2. I am a Ssangyong owner and mismanagement of Bermaz & Autohub not having a dealer in the key cities in Metro Manila, Cebu & Davao hurt their sales and even after sales.

    3. VW owners in metro manila probably feel the same way

  7. I wish RG the Ford hater could see this. Top 3 yung hated brand niya.

  8. Due to very hefty priced increased of emgrand, azkarra and okavango, geelys sales will surely nosedive. Emgrand is outclassed by MG gt, okavango is outpriced and outclassed by chery tiggo8 pro, azkarra is outpriced and outclassed by changan cx55. Only coolray will save dear day, but it wont be enough

  9. Replies
    1. MG, like Subaru and Changan, aren't members of CAMPI so they don't submit monthly sales reports. Subaru and Changan are members of AVID though, but they haven't reported anything in months.


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