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February 3, 2023

Matchbox To Commemorate 70 Years With Special Range

Mattel is commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Matchbox brand and seven decades of die-cast adventures by reflecting on its legacy and looking to the future. To celebrate, the brand is introducing a line of special limited-edition vehicles, paying tribute to Matchbox’s heritage of inventing highly detailed and realistic vehicles that have inspired generations of kids while remaining a trusted brand for collectors. Matchbox unleashes kids’ innate desire for freedom to explore the world so that they can discover their independence.

The celebratory line will include special 70th anniversary die-cast vehicles, featured in seven different assortments across the Matchbox range, all honoring the anniversary with special platinum details. These selections are a combination of collector favorites and iconic vehicles spanning seven decades and regions around the world.

Individual 70th anniversary die-cast vehicles will be rolling into retail throughout the year and will be available throughout Matchbox’s 2023 die-cast product line. The limited-edition line is just the first of many ways Matchbox will be celebrating with more announcements to come in July 2023.

The Mattel brand will celebrate its history while also looking toward the future by continuing its commitment to sustainability in the die-cast category. To support this commitment, a portion of the new 70th anniversary die-cast collection will be made from recycled zinc.

Additionally, Matchbox is committed to integrating more electric vehicles and eco-friendly themes into products with a vision to make all toys and packaging from 100 percent recycled, recyclable, or bio-based plastic materials by 2030. Embracing sustainable production processes and more will help the brand inspire the next generation of kids and collectors to do their part.

Retail prices for the 70th anniversary die-cast Matchbox starts at £2.30 (P 150) for a single die-cast vehicle.

Conceived in 1953 by English engineer Jack Odell, a vehicle mechanic for the British Army in World War II, Matchbox reinvented the toy vehicle category with a revolutionary scale, affordable price, and mass availability for consumers. These early values of innovation, quality and realism continue to be upheld by the Matchbox brand 70 years later.

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