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April 1, 2012

MIAS 2012: Garmin Unveils New PHL Ready GPS Systems

Imagine a guy from Alabang driving along EDSA to a friend’s party. Bobbing his head to the rhythm of his favorite song, he takes occasional glances on his smartphone that doubles as a GPS device. Suddenly, a billboard featuring a curvy Brazilian model clad in a red, skimpy two-piece bikini springs up from the horizon, distracting his focus on the road. And before he knew it, he had already missed the turn by almost half a kilometer, with no U-Turn slot in sight for the next mile ahead or so.

Obviously, most drivers often experience a hard time finding their way in unfamiliar territories. How many times have you spent several minutes driving around an area where you’ve been to for the first time, simply because you don’t want to ask questions from people that you pass by?
Good thing you can now say goodbye to worrying about losing your way anywhere as Garmin—a globally trusted provider of global positioning system (GPS) devices—now brings its renowned expertise here in the Philippines to complement the needs of people who love cars, or just about anyone who owns one, with the launch of the Garmin Nuvi. “The Philippines ranks number in Asia as the most tech-savvy country, which is why it has been a common sight to see people carry and use more than one or two gadgets with them all at the same time—even on the road,” Mark Tan, CEO of NAVCO Inc. “With the Nuvi, people can now get precise and accurate directions—which roads to turn, their distance from point A to B, or the exact elevation of their current position—wherever they are.”

Garmin Nuvi: Your personal travel assistant

Are you the kind of driver who is always hesitant to ask other people for directions? Keep a Garmin Nuvi with you—in the car or just in your pocket—to help you get to where you need to be in no time at all.

“Garmin Nuvis are portable, sleek, and stylish touchscreen, personal travel assistants for cars and motorcycles that give directions through an audible voice and graphical illustration for people on-the-go. These devices are preloaded with maps that are updated every quarter through the Garmin website, covering all cities and national highways in the Philippines and other parts of the world,” reveals Mark Tan, NAVCO Inc.

Some of the Nuvi’s features include Bluetooth capabilities; turn-by-turn directions through fast satellite positioning; Text-to-Speech Technology, allowing users to virtually interact with the device; and an ecoRoute function, to help save fuel as you drive. Select units also have functions for TV tuners and dashboard cameras.

Garmin will be showcasing the Nuvis this year at the 8th Manila International Auto Show (MIAS)—the country’s premiere automotive show—at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. With 110 participating companies and attracting more than 85,000 people annually, this year’s MIAS promises to deliver a bigger and brighter show for both visitors and exhibitors alike.

To know more about Garmin and its wide range of products, visit their website at or call +632-632-9513 or visit their office at 3/F Millennium Place, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.

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