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April 9, 2012

Toyota 86 Appears in Toyota Thai Website, Priced Ridiculously

While trying to search for information about the upcoming April launch of the Toyota Camry, we happened to stumble on a little nugget of information in Toyota's official Thailand Website: the Toyota 86 is now available for order in the Kingdom of Thailand. Of course, this just means that the reality of seeing an 86 on the roads of Manila is slowly becoming a reality.

Unfortunately for us, it seems that Toyota Thailand didn't get the memo with regards to the Toyota 86's aggressive pricing strategy. In the US, a similar Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S can be yours for just a little over US$ 25,000 (~ P 1,075,000). However, in Thailand, the Toyota 86 starts at a whopping THB 2,490,000 which translates to over P 3,400,000! If this is any indication to the 86's Philippine pricing, we have an advice for Toyota: don't bring it in! Sorry Toyota, but ou'll probably have better luck selling a Prius or two at a million bucks less.

Source: Toyota Thailand

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  1. You should realize that Thailand imposes very high duty for importing cars to protect domestic automobile industry as well as excise tax depending the size of engines, type of vehicles...this is why the price of imported automobiles in Thailand ends up a few times more expensive than those in Japan and U.S.. So pricing in Philliphibes simply depends on your tax systems...


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