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April 19, 2012

UPDATED: Ford Showcases Mustang at MIAS, On Sale by Setember

Photo courtesy of Ford Press
UPDATE: Ford execs confirmed that the Mustang previewed at The Manila International Auto Show is indeed the 2012 model. Once Ford starts selling the pony car in September it will be the 2013 model.

Ford executives have good reasons to smile: first, they unveiled the all-new Ranger, a class-changing and one-of-a-kind pick-up; second, they unveiled the baby brother to their Explorer V6, the Explorer 2.0 GDTi XLT with EcoBoost; and lastly, the pulled off a surprise by finally showcasing the Mustang for the Philippine market.

Now, when Ford Group Philippines brings in a model, even if it's a preview, it means they're dead serious in selling it. None of that, "we need a halo car" bullshit. And though it's easy to say they'll be bringing in this variant and that, well, the final specs have yet to be finalized. Yes folks...for those who've been reading other sources, that they've driven the 2013 Mustang, sorry folks we don't know for sure which particular pony will gallop our streets. That said, Ford Group Philippines says that the Mustang will be "competitively priced" and deliveries will start in September.

A formal launch event will happen sometime in June or July, and by that time, we'll have a better idea on the final specs and pricing for the Ford Mustang.

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