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April 1, 2012

MIAS 2012: Foton Thunder Makes Some Noise

Photo by Ulysses Ang
In the Philippines, Chinese car manufacturers are often considered as a joke. Unless you're Foton. In fact, among all the Chinese brands, Foton is the one that has garnered the most attention with its affordability and sensibility. They have found their way onto government fleets with their various commercial vehicles and now, at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS), they have added yet another pick-up to their line-up: the Thunder.

Retailing for just P 878,000 for the 4x4 M/T variant, the Thunder surely follows the same Foton formula of affordability. But beyond the excellent price, the Foton has one new arsenal: a Cummins ISF 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine that is rated for Euro 5 emissions standards. The new engine is rated at 148 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque with a life cycle to overhaul expected at around 500,000 kilometers.

A 4x4 variant will also be made available, but no pricing is available yet.


  1. hope you could give te price soon...GO THUNDER..GO FOTON...Chinese has develope a new TOP of the line pick-up...

  2. At a recent Mall Display I took a look at the New Foton Thunder. In Short I was impressed! As an American use to American Full Size trucks and have owned many over the years, The Japanese "Full Size" trucks sold in American fall Short of the Standards we want in a "Real-Man's" Truck.
    Fit and finish are very good. Size and seating both fit an American frame of 6 foot or greater. With Seats not on the floor (like Toyota)All the American Truck design without the Huge price tag.

    Then add the recognizable Brand names in the Engine,trans, and other major components and one has to ask, if sold in America, What happens to Ford and Chevy? In the Philippines the Thunder sells for what is just under $21,000 U.S. Dollars. So That is very low cost by American Truck Market prices.

    No this is not your Ford F350 Super Duty with it's Monster size motor and towing capacity... more like the F150 Quad Cab. But in the Philippine's this is the Big Boy of trucks!

    Want the feel of home, or just need a good looking well designed truck for Family or Work...Check out the Foton Thunder!

  3. foton thunder is an example of chinese product very poor will last up to 3months just like chinese mtorcycle rushi,skygo,motorstar.madali masira ang mga chinese product nagsayang ka lang nang pera pagbumili kana foton thunder.its better na bumili kayo na mitsubishi strada,nissan navara,toyota hilux or chevrolet colorado para sulit ang pera nyo pinahirapan.wala kwenta ang lahat na chiese product poro palpak ang kanila produkto.e boycot natin ang product nang china

    1. ingit lang yan pare...kasi maganda performance ng foton thunder

    2. Panoorin mo to loser para malaman mo kung bakit matibay...

  4. ok lang bumili ng produkto nila.... basta marami kang budget sa repair and maintenance.

  5. aside from low cost, as added bonus it also has very low resale value.

  6. While you may be right about resale value, the Foton packs a punch in performance not too far from Japanese and US brands. The Thunder/Tunland is now undergoing tests in Colorado USA for possible distribution here...

  7. haha,, kng cno ka man nagsasabing walang kwenta ang thunder, mali ka. 2012 thunder ko ok pa dn. marami na dn piesa ngyn. nga nga ka. baka wala ka lang pabili gago ka


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