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April 30, 2012

Toyota Philippines Offers Certified Pre-Owned Program

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launches the Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles (TCPOV) program. The TCPOV is a new program where in customers can enjoy utmost value for money in purchasing pre owned vehicles. TMP aims to cater to the market where purchasing a reliable used car is given much importance.  Now a days finding dependable pre owned vehicles can be a difficult task. In launching the TCPOV, Toyota is able to provide buyers an avenue where they can always be assured of the vehicle’s quality and reliability.

Before calling a pre owned unit TOYOTA CERTIFIED, vehicles go through a rigorous testing process. Various tests such as the 203 pt. inspection process are conducted to ensure the vehicle’s quality and condition. Furthermore, the vehicles are examined with the latest and most advanced technology by our authorized assessors who have undergone extensive training under a Toyota Motor Corporation Specialist. Lastly, these vehicles are checked and conditioned by highly trained dealer technicians and comes with one year limited warranty for our customer’s peace of mind. 

The TCPOV program also offers customers a fair trade- in value.  The process of trading-in their current Toyota to purchase a brand new vehicle makes the whole experience more convenient for customers.   As of today, we have accredited 3 of our dealerships namely: Toyota Bicutan, Toyota Balintawak, and Toyota Iloilo in this first stage of implementation.  Our other dealer outlets will soon offer this program for the convenience of all customers.

In a statement, TMP President Michinobu Sugata said that “In launching the new TCPOV program, we aim to reward our customers for all the years of support. With this new service we are able to practice the “customer for life concept” where in the process from buying, to replacing a vehicle will be made available in a one-stop shop facility. We at Toyota are very excited to be able to find new ways to provide our customers a more convenient purchasing experience and peace of mind with Toyota’s Sure Advantage.”


  1. is the pre owned cars also posted on the net?

  2. @7:37 Unfortunately, no. If you want to view the preowned vehicles, you have to visit the participating dealers.

  3. how do they determine the value of the car for trade in? how about the value of the accessories installed in the car? the car is under bank finance with 2 years amortization paid out of 5 years. it has about 16,000 km odo reading. the car will be traded in for an upgraded car.


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