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August 13, 2016

A Must-Have Product for All Car Owners Launched

As the saying goes, “health is wealth.” We all have to make sure to eat right, exercise regularly, and drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. In the same way, we should also take care of our car’s engine just as we take care of our bodies. Although water is beneficial to the human body, water alone is not enough to take care of the car engine, especially in preventing rust and corrosion in your radiator.

Engines run hot and a properly functioning cooling helps dissipate heat preventing overheating. The main component of this cooling system is the radiator. Some people don’t give it much thought, but they put in ordinary water into this closed system. Unknowingly, using ordinary water can cause rust to build up. And rust can have negative effects on a radiator:
  • Reduces the effectivity of the radiator
  • Corrodes the radiator over time
  • Can cause leaks
These effects can have serious impacts on your engine and can lead to serious engine damage as well as an increased probability of overheating. And that’s why it’s highly recommended to check the radiator for leaks regularly.

Using water is simply not enough to keep the radiator running at optimal condition and that’s why Prestone has come up with one way to maintain radiator health: Prestone Radiator Protect. It’s a step-up for those who realize that water can be harmful for their car’s engine. It comes with two key benefits:
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Technology
  • Leak Detection Technology
The proprietary Corrosion Inhibitor Technology provides complete protection against rust and corrosion, and degradation of all radiator system metals. It removes existing rusts in the radiator aside from minimizing future accumulation by providing additional lubrication to non-metallic components.

Any car owner should be on alert for radiator leaks as this may cause the engine to overheat, or even worse, result in more engine damage, and higher repair bills. Prestone Radiator Protect prevents the corrosion from the inside that can cause leaks.  And should there be leaks, Prestone Radiator Protect makes it easy to know, thanks to the Leak Detection Technology under UV light.

Prestone Radiator Protect is a cost-effective solution to prevent overheating while giving protection against rust and corrosion to a car’s radiator system. Prestone Radiator Protect comes in two convenient sizes: 1-liter and 4-liters.

Prestone Radiator Protect is available at Ace Hardware, Handyman, Blade, True Value, Seaoil Stations, and auto supply stores nationwide. You may also check and check the “Where to Buy” page.


  1. Interesting to know!

  2. Do you use this as a direct replacement to the coolant? As in you flush the radiator and replace the coolant with this up to the proper level?

    1. I used that as replacement to the coolant. It's been almost a year and no issues so far.


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