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August 7, 2016

How A Single Piece of Plastic Adds More Cup Holders in the Ford Super Duty

It’s funny how a piece of plastic can make a hell of a difference. In the case of Ford, they figured that this unique cup holder design (it’s patented) doubles cup holder space by a sliding piece of hardened polymer.

Found in the 2017 Super Duty pickup, the design has two main components: a combination cup holder and storage bin with an upper panel that slides left to right. This transforms the storage bin into two additional cup holders, because who could possibly live with square cup holders, right? Of course, if the driver or passenger needs more storage space, the panel slides back to the right clearing the way for bulkier items that won’t fit in a cup holder.

Intended as a work truck, the 2017 Super Duty has typically a passenger count of four or more and this is why Ford made sure it has enough cup holders to spare. How many cup holders do you ask? The all-new truck has 10.

With the 2017 Super Duty intended primarily as a work truck, typically for crews of four or more, Ford spared no attention to detail in terms of ensuring accessibility to fuel. The new four-barrel assembly brings the total number of cupholders on the all-new truck to 10.

“Hard working Super Duty customers love having cup holders and storage close at hand,” says Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager. “This innovative and transformable cup holder is another insightful example of how the Ford Truck Team knows truck customers better than anyone else.”

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