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October 23, 2018

Nissan Doubles Down on Electrics, Self-Driving Cars for Asia & Oceania

Despite the challenges facing advanced vehicle technology in the Asia & Oceania setting, Nissan firmly believes that the future remains electric, connected, and autonomous. That’s what Vincent Wijnen, senior vice president for Nissan Asia & Oceania revealed in an interview.

Wijnen said:
“We believe the future of mobility in the region is electric, and we are the forefront of it. We’ve been making electric vehicles longer than anyone else. We’ve sold more than anyone else, and together with our Alliance partners we’ve got a plan for the future that is more credible than anyone else. We launched the first mass-produced electric car, and there are now more than 350,000 Nissan Leafs on the road.
“EVs create a new type of car ownership whereby they become an integral part of the energy grid, powering your house or office. Decreasing costs, together with technological advancements, are driving factors behind the fast growth of electric vehicles. Independent agencies forecast a cost crossover between Battery Electric Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engines by mid 2020s. Saying that, we’re offering many other options – including e-Power, ICE engines and hybrid alternatives.”
His views match that of a Frost & Sullivan study which showed that one in three Southeast Asian consumers planning to buy a car are open to purchasing an electric vehicle. Furthermore, if priced right, the Leaf does present a cheaper ownership experience compared to a conventional automobile.

Moving on, Wijnen also gave his views on autonomous driving and this is what he had to say:
“There are several autonomous drive technologies already existing in our cars today, most without the driver even thinking about them. The idea is to introduce more and more of these technologies gradually in to the cars to create a safe, stress-free and relaxing drive. We’re making it a reality through Nissan Intelligent Mobility. 
“Drivers choose how much they want to engage autonomous drive features so their driving experience is exactly as they want it to be. So you can take the steering wheel as you please, but be driven as you like – for example on a highway or when stuck in traffic, or simply when you prefer to do something else on the road.”
Again, this is in line with Nissan’s vision to reduce fatalities to zero in their cars in the near future.

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