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October 25, 2018

Volkswagen Philippines's 11-Car Display Makes It the Most Complete at PIMS

Volkswagen Philippines joins the 7th edition of the much-awaited Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) at the World Trade Center in Pasay City with an expansive display of 11 vehicles in its line-up, including the three newest variants that will be available to consumers by December 2018.

In addition, the Volkswagen booth adds that homely Filipino touch to the Motor Show’s technology-driven “Future Mobility” theme. The Filipiniana-themed Volkswagen display area is highlighted with nipa huts and visitors are treated to local delicacies. The Filipino-themed display is in line with the direction to make the German engineering experience even more accessible to Filipinos.

Making their public debut at the 7th PIMS are the two new variants of the Santana model, 1.5 MPI automatic transmission Trendline and Comfortline; Santana GTS 1.5 MPI AT Comfortline; and, the Lamando 280 TSI DSG Comfortline and Highline.

At the 7th PIMS, the Volkswagen Philippines booth displays the Santana 1.5 MPI AT Trendline in Polar White, the Santana 1.5 MPI AT Comfortline in Deep Black installed with Blaupunkt radio and 17-inch alloy wheels, and two Santana GTS 1.5 MPI AT Comfortline models, one in Polar White, and the other in Red Rock fitted with Blaupunkt radio and 17-inch alloy wheels.

On the other hand, the Lamando 280 TSI DSG Highline in Misano Red is on display.

Rounding up Volkswagen Philippines’s 11-car display are: two Santana 1.4 MPI MT Trendline subcompact sedans (one in Polar White, the other in Pepper Gray installed with Blaupunkt radio and alloy wheels); two Lavida 230 TSI DSG Comfortline sedans (one in Polar White, the other in Limestone Grey both fitted with Blaupunkt radio); a black Tiguan 280 TSI DSG Comfortline also with Blaupunkt radio and 19-inch alloy wheels, and; a customized Crafter 35L 2.0 TDI MT premium passenger van accessorized with Smart LED TV, 6 captain’s chair seats, wood vinyl floors, premium carpets, Focal audio speakers, window blinds, mood and drop lights, and a step board.

The 7th PIMS and its theme “Future Mobility” is an ideal venue for Volkswagen Philippines to put the spotlight on its vehicles that make world-class premium German-engineered and designed motoring lifestyle experience much more accessible to hardworking Filipinos. It’s that unique
Volkswagen motoring lifestyle experience that places a premium not just on the vehicles themselves but also on their maintenance costs; an important consideration for every would-be vehicle owner plotting out his or her future mobility options.


  1. what is the transmissions of the VW cars sold here in the philippines...
    aisin? jatco? what brand?

    we know that DSG (dual clutch gearbox) is the type they use. but if you want your car to get 250K+~500K+ miles, i hope they put in the transmission from Aisin.

    if jatco then.... lets pray if this cars will even reach 100K without the transmissions being rebuilt.

    1. you must have seen the youtube videos of scotty kilmer, a Toyota fanboy. he talks about the auto trans of aisin (which Toyota had shares on) and jatco for Nissan automatics

  2. The Chinese brands have a strong presence this year... specially Foton and VW....

  3. You seem to know a lot about cars sir. If i may, i would like to ask for your opinion about the civic 1.8 e. I’m 95% sold on the car but would want to hear thoughts from someone knowledgeable about cars


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