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October 20, 2018

Public Service Announcement: Do Not Join the Mass Registration (Protest) Planned on Monday

Hey guys, we’re all passionate about this LTO crackdown on modified vehicles, but let cool heads prevail. It’s been reported that a mass registration is planned for Monday, October 22, 2018 at the LTO East Avenue as a sort of “protest action.” Please, goodness sake, DO NOT JOIN SUCH PROTEST ACTION.

We agree with Atty. Robby Consunji of the Land Rover Club of the Philippines (LRCP) and fighter for off-roader’s rights, that such action will be detrimental to the on-going reconciliation process between car enthusiasts at the LTO.

The latest update is that LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante has agreed to a dialogue with members of the off-road community on Tuesday, October 23. The agenda of that meeting to determine what the LTO’s objective is with the crackdown and if possible, agree to a moratorium on apprehension while the LTO and members of the automotive industry create a Technical Working Group (TWG) to lay down proper guidelines to help solve the matter.

If the mass registration aka protest pushes through on Monday, this may undermine all of the hard work in setting up this meeting with the LTO. Plus, going to the LTO to pay for the change rim size (as some are planning) may be tantamount to acceptance of the said fees even prior to the dialogue taking place. So to our fellow car enthusiasts, let’s all calm down for now and LET’S NOT RESORT TO MOB RULE.

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  1. The LTO is worse than useless because they are actually hampering the progress of or country. The LTO is supposed to regulate the vehicles on the road, that is their main function. Yet when you register your car did they ever check your brakes? Did they ever see if you have complete working lights, do you wonder why exhaust emission testing is done by third parties, and why everyone passes even if they are clearly blowing smoke. Ever look up the statistics on respiratory diseases and how many people are affected by breathing complications due to our poor air quality? We can all have clean air, less traffic, and better quality of living if the LTO did their job properly. But instead they focus on minor things like if you wear your seat belt or not. You should wear it but if you don't you are not putting anyone else at risk except yourself. What is more dangerous, not wearing your helmet/seat belt or the dilapidated bus with NO seat belts, questionable brakes, broken brake and signal lights, and belching poisonous smoke? The LTO should be abolished or completely overhauled. Imagine a traffic free Philippines with courteous drivers, clean air, and efficient and comfortable public transportation. It can be done, and we all know what needs to be done...but can we do it or will we forever be the FAILippines.

  2. A "Peaceful" demonstration is our right here in our Democratic way of life. Again Peaceful not those unruly communist ones.


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