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October 18, 2018

Foton Philippines Saves You Up to 40 Percent in Maintenance Cost

With their complete shift to Euro 4 compliant Cummins engines for their truck line, Foton Philippines is now touting their 2018 line-up as their most advanced, most reliable, and most affordable to maintain yet.

The Foton Cummins Blue Energy Euro 4 engine takes advantage of a technical partnership between China’s biggest commercial vehicle manufacturer and one of the leading diesel engine experts in the world.

These engines boast of four key features: an integrated cooling and lubrication system which improves efficiency and promotes longer engine; a patented Cummins XPI high-pressure fuel injection system that delivers fuel at 2,000 bars of pressure regardless of engine rpm which returns better fuel efficiency and response; a fully-integrated emission aftertreatment system which includes a diesel particulate filter, diesel exhaust fluid, and/or selective catalytic reduction; and a unique NanoNet oil filtration system which extends engine service intervals and reduces downtime.

The last feature, the NanoNet oil filtration system, introduces a larger oil filter size that’s up to 25 percent bigger than the competition’s. Additionally, its two-stage filtration system captures harmful particles as small as 5 microns making it up to twice as effective. As a result, Foton Philippines has been able to extend the service interval of their vehicles equipped with the Blue Energy Euro 4 engine. For business-oriented customers, this increases the operational efficiency of their vehicles while reducing their overall downtime.

Using the 12-liter Cummins ISG engine as basis, Foton showed the actual cost of maintenance over a 4-year period assuming a 40,000-kilometer per year travelling distance.

From the table above, it’s clear that the Foton Cummins Blue Energy 4 enjoys half the annual maintenance downtime and up to 40 percent lower maintenance cost.

Foton’s confidence in their new engine technology has led them to offer an unprecedented 5-year, 150,000-kilometer warranty (whichever comes first) on their passenger car line: the Traveller, Toano, Thunder, and Toplander. For their light-duty trucks, it’s a 3-year, 100,000-kilometer warranty while for their medium- and heavy-duty trucks, it’s a 2-year, 100,000-kilometer warranty.

The introduction of their newest light-duty truck, the Tornado M4.2C has also afforded them to launch an industry-first 3-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Aside from having the Cummins 3.8 ISF engine, the Tornado M4.2C packs passenger car amenities that include cruise control, steering wheel controls, LED touchscreen infotainment with Bluetooth, a reverse camera and sensors, and ABS with EBD.

With fully-loaded products such as these and increasingly competitive aftersales service and support, it’s no wonder that Foton has managed to weather the downward sales trend that’s affecting the Philippine automotive industry while remaining bullish for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

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