Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Attention EasyTrip Tag Users: Switch to RFID ASAP Because Their Customer Service is Crap

Update: EasyTrip finally took action and the problems surrounding my balance transfer has been fixed (8/12).

Take my advice: make the switch to the EasyTrip RFID as soon as you can. With the prior announcement that its battery-powered EasyTrip transponder tags will be phased out by September 30, 2020 (not November 1), NLEX wants everyone to transition to a single form of cashless payment system using its RFID system.

Once installed, NLEX and SCTEX RFID users will now be able to traverse other Metro Pacific Tollways owned expressways like the Cavitex and CALAX and vice-versa.

NLEX Corporation and Easytrip Services Corporation are trying to make the migration easier (in theory) for current EasyTrip tag users via several methods (check the full list of locations below) or even Stick-It-Yourself RFID available (now just available through Shopee).

In reality though, for those who’re making the switch between transponder tag to RFID, make sure you allot ample time to do it. Why? Simply because EasyTrip’s customer service is utter crap.

The stickering itself is fast if you plan to have multiple RFIDs stuck to your car’s windshield or headlight. If you opt for AutoSweep RFID (the one used at SLEX and other SMC operated tollways) interoperability, there’s a longer wait.

Apparently, EasyTrip has changed their system. Before, you are given an account number on the spot and a subsequent activation in just three days; now, you’ll have to wait a full seven, yes 7 days to get your EasyTrip account number. That’s not all. You’ll wait for a text message which will never arrive. In my case, I had to be the one to call the EasyTrip customer service number to get my account number details.

Second, if you happen to have an EasyTrip transponder tag like I do, you cannot use its remaining balance as your RFID’s initial load. You’ll still have to pay the initial P 500 load. That’s well and good, because you can authorize an account balance transfer via email. The thing is, be ready for frustration.

In my case, I’ve sent all my requirements (Balance Transfer Form, Identification Card) last July 28 and I’ve yet to hear even an acknowledgement from them.

I tried calling this customer service hotline again, and apparently, they’ll ask the department in charge to make a follow-up. That was on August 4. Still nothing. I opted to make another follow up through email, sending the same attachments, in case things got buried at their end on August 8. Still nothing.

At a time when non-essential travel and no-contact processes are encouraged, it seems EasyTrip isn’t making things easy. They should actually step up, especially with this big PR announcement.

It’s not surprising really. For my other car, I’m still waiting for my EasyTrip account card which comes with every RFID. There’s still no news about that, and it’s already been a year. Plus, when I called their customer service about it, they told me to call this number and press 4. That lead me to a fax tone. Great. I guess they wanted me to fax my follow-up.

If you use your EasyTrip transponder regularly, and plan to use a single RFID for both toll roads, take my advice—don’t wait for the last minute to make the switch. As things stand, I thought I’ve already allotted enough time, but I may not even make it to the deadline simply because their customer service isn’t cut out for this.

Enough my rant, here are the EasyTrip RFID installation sites:
  • The 24/7 RFID sticker installation sites are already open at the NLEX Bocaue toll plaza (SB) Expansion Lane X01 and Balintawak toll plaza (NB) Customer Service Center Parking Area.
  • Onsite RFID sticker installation is also available Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Balintawak toll plaza Lane N08, Mindanao Ave. (NB) entry, Karuhatan (WB) entry, Balagtas EasyTrip Tent, Angeles EasyTrip Tent, as well as in the rest and refueling areas: NLEX Drive and Dine Valenzuela, Petron Marilao, Petron Bocaue, Shell Burol, and Petron Lakeshore.
  • EasyTrip transponder customers may also have their free RFID stickers installed at Tabang and San Fernando Customer Service Centers from Monday to Saturday, 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM, as well as Clark South and Tarlac installation sites from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, respectively.
  • Meanwhile, RFID sticker installation sites at the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan operate from Monday to Sunday, 8:00 AM. to 5:00 PM.
  • In addition, customers can also get Stick-It-Yourself RFID stickers in select NLEX-SCTEX toll booths in Mindanao, Valenzuela southbound, Meycauayan southbound, Marilao southbound, Bocaue Barrier, Bocaue Interchange southbound, Balagtas, Tabang, San Fernando northbound, Sta. Ines, Concepcion, Dinalupihan, and Tarlac as well as in NLEX Customer Service Centers in Balintawak, and Valenzuela, from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tabang and San Fernando from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • EasyTrip transponder users have to authorize the transfer of their account balance to the RFID account by filling out the load balance transfer form at the installation sites or by downloading the form from their website.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Not just crap, but my almost a month wait for them to encode my account number was due to the account given having 2 different users. It took 3 weeks to figure that out. I'm not sure of their process but encoding customer details shouldn't take 7 days in my opinion. Unless their doing it hand written.

    1. From how I saw it, it was all manual. Quite literally, the guy encoding my Autosweep RFID into the EasyTrip system was copying the tag details by hand on a piece of paper.

    2. This is compared to the Autosweep system where the installers had a smartphone app which is tied into the system.

  2. It took them a month to transfer my previous balance from my old easytrip device to my new RFID sticker. Perhaps without my letter of complaint they would not have done any action at all. They do not also bother to pick up calls thru their landline. Their service sucks! They have to improve their service before completely implementing the transition to cashless payment system.

  3. My Easy Trip account is already linked to my Auto Sweep RFID sticker since 2019. Do I still have to switch to Easy trip RFID stickers? Or will the "link" be maintained? Thanks.

    1. The link will be maintained. What they're phasing out is the EasyTrip transponder...those bulky but transferable ones. So, you're in the clear.

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