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August 6, 2020

You Wouldn't Want to Curb These New Optional BBS Wheels for the Mazda3

When Mazda first released information on their North America-exclusive Mazda3 Turbo, they didn’t give much detail except for the output of its force-fed 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G engine. As it gets closer to its launch States side, the Japanese carmaker has released more info, more photos, and a list of appearance packages they’re making available.

Except for the addition of a larger roof spoiler, the appearance package is actually the same as the “Speed” package we get locally, so there’s no big surprise there. What is surprising are the wheels. For one, they’re aren’t stock; the cars in the publicity photos are rolling on the optional black forged 18-inch BBS rims.

As a Mazda owner, I can attest that the standard wheels aren’t exactly lightweight, so having a more lightweight option will surely improve its performance even if it’s just a little bit. But skimming through the catalog, I just realized that you wouldn’t want to curb these wheels either.

Each wheel cost US$ 918.95 or around P 45,000 without taxes. Putting that into perspective, if you plan to change all four, that’ll set you back a whopping P 180,000. If you check out Mazda Japan, it’s not much different as the same set is 424,644 yen without taxes or around P 197,540. 

Oh, and the wheels aren’t just an available option on the turbo, but on every Mazda3. This means you could get them on the base Mazda3 hatchback in the U.S. or Japan, and that will add 20 percent to the sticker price.

Holy shit. It’s no wonder every guy in the official publicity photos is walking AWAY from the Mazda3. He probably just curbed his very expensive wheels.

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