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October 13, 2021

Honda Cars PH Now Offers Upgraded PM2.5+ Cabin Filter

After introducing a PM2.5 cabin air filter replacement for its model last year, Honda Cars Philippines is now offering an upgraded version of that filter.

The new PM2.5+ cabin filter costs P 950 (a slight increase over the previous PM2.5 filter), but it does come with new features.

Not only does the PM2.5+ Cabin Air Filter provide 90 to 99 percent protection from viruses and bacteria, but the dust-collecting filter has a high collection efficiency for various kinds of particles such as dust, molds, volcanic ash, outside emissions, and cigarette smoke.

Furthermore, the new anti-microbial coating creates a fast, eliminating reaction on viruses and bacteria. It releases Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that allows germicidal effect in the coating’s proximal area. This prevents microbial adhesion on the surface of the filter, making it clean from future contaminants.

If the P 950 + VAT cost seem a bit high, do not worry. Until October 20, Honda Cars Philippines is offering a 19 percent discount as part of their introductory offer.

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