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October 5, 2021

This Is Mazda's New Logo*

Meet the new Mazda logo—that is if you’re a fan of rugby. Apparently, the sport is big in Japan that they’ve just created a new top-tier league: the Japan Rugby League One. So, ahead of that re-branding, Mazda has decided to re-brand their team as well to the Mazda Skyactivs.

Just like the technology found in Mazda’s current line-up, Skyactiv Technology, the Mazda Skyactivs aim to be unbound by limits. It’s also a far better name than Mazda Blue Zoomers—the current name of their team.

In a departure from the usual Mazda logo, the rugby team will be wearing an emblem that incorporates the torii gate of Miyajima which symbolizes Hiroshima, the rotary engine that expresses Mazda’s insatiable challenge, the V of Victory, and the wings that can fly freely.

Admittedly, it looks quite busy because they tried incorporating everything, but it should make it a stand out among the 23 other teams from all over Japan.

Mazda’s participation in rugby has a long history which started in 1961. For the Japan Rugby League One, the Mazda Skyactivs will participate in Division 2.

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