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March 3, 2023

J&T Express Acquires An Additional 300 Foton Trucks

Longtime partners, Philippine Global Jet Express Incorporated more commonly known as J&T Express and Foton Motor Philippines have signed for an additional 300 units of brand-new delivery trucks that will be delivered through the course of the year.

J&T Express, a logistics and express delivery service with a presence across Southeast Asia, procured several Foton trucks including the Tornado M4.2C, Tornado M6.1C, the 25-footer Hurricane EST-M 4x2, and the 32-footer Hurricane EST-M 6x2.

“These industry-smart trucks are a source of pride to all of us at Foton Philippines because they are efficient workhorses that help businesses in the country thrive,” FMPI General Manager Levy Santos said in his message to guests in attendance.

J&T Express Chief Executive Officer Dean Ding, meanwhile surprised officials present in the ceremony, when he announced that they are looking forward to procuring more Foton trucks exceeding 1,000 units in 2023.

He also stressed the continuous patronage of the company for Foton Philippines vehicles due to the overall customer satisfaction it provides to J &T Express, as the top logistics company sustains service reliability to the e-commerce industry.

“Foton Philippines has a very complete aftersales service network and professional aftersales team in the Philippines which is required by the express logistics industry. Especially during the pandemic, the Foton Philippines factory was in full production to guarantee delivery which was pivotal in our business expansion. We have always been determined to provide convenient, cost-effective service to Filipinos. The rapid development of J&T Express cannot be separated from the strong support given by our partners. Foton has been a very important partner through the years,” J&T Express Chief Executive Officer Dean Ding said.

The two companies have forged a relationship since the first delivery of trucks from Foton Philippines in November 2018. In the course of their partnership, Foton Philippines contracted J&T Express last year to facilitate delivery of parts in its newly-opened parts hub in Davao City.

“For four years, you have trusted Foton Motor Philippines. In those times, we have turned about 900 units for your operations, and we are grateful that today, we continue to rely on each other to achieve our collective mission to provide top notch service to every Filipino consumer. From your warehouse, to our trucks, to the doors and homes of our fellowmen,” Levy Santos, FOTON Philippines General Manager added.

In attendance at the ceremony was the Honorable Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy to the Philippines Yang Guoliang.

The turnover was witnessed by Foton Philippines Chairman Rommel Sytin, Foton China Country Manager Alex Lee, and J&T Express top management, Mr. John Yi, and Mr. Yuhang Liu.


  1. Denza, GMW Ora, Tesla and Zeekr we should enter in the Philippines soon and planned.

  2. Uly, hope you can review the Philippine-made Foton Thunder pickup.


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