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May 2, 2023

Mercedes-Benz Now Offers On-Demand Power Boost On Some Of Its Cars

In what could be a sign of things to come for other carmakers, Mercedes-Benz has revealed the pricing of on-demand upgrades purchasable through its vehicles’ infotainment systems.

First available on the EQE (SUV shown in the top photo) and EQS, the upgrade centers around adding horsepower and cutting the acceleration time of their all-electric vehicles. In the case of the EQE 350 4MATIC, it boosts the outputs to 348 horsepower from 288 horsepower, cutting its 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) by 1 second. Meanwhile, for the EQS 450 4MATIC, it receives an additional 80 horsepower for a total output of 435 horsepower. This drops the acceleration to 4.5 seconds.

In both cases, the added performance has no detriment to their cruising range.

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t revealed much technical detail surrounding the boost, but for sure there are no mechanical modifications involved. It’s all software. The automaker says the upgrade simply adjusts the motor’s power curve resulting in more horsepower and torque regardless of the selected driving mode. If it sounds similar to factory-backed software tunes, it pretty much is.

As for pricing, well, Mercedes-Benz is offering three pricing tiers—monthly, yearly, and lifetime.

The monthly cost for the EQE sedan and SUVs cost USD 60 (P 3,332.55). Per year, it’s USD 600 (P 33,325.50), and for the lifetime of the vehicle, it’s USD 1,950 (P 108,307.88).

Meanwhile, for the EQS sedan and SUV, it costs USD 90 (P 4,998.83) per month, USD 900 (P 49,988.25) per year, or USD 2,950 (P 163,850.38) for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz says they’ll be offering more on-demand enhancements on their vehicles including “Beginner Driver” and “Valet Service Modes,” remote engine start, and for performance enthusiasts, an “AMG Track Pace.”

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