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July 28, 2023

Hyundai Working To Bring Carbon Hybrid Wheels To Its Performance Vehicles

Hyundai is working to bring carbon wheels to its high-performance Hyundai N performance vehicles. A partnership between Dymag, a world leader in lightweight wheels and composites material specialists, Hankuk Carbon will make the advanced carbon hybrid wheel possible.

Bespoke designed and developed with Hyundai, full specifications of the new wheel will be revealed soon.

Blending a composite outer rim, made from carbon fiber, with a precision-machined forged metallic centerpiece, Dymag’s proprietary carbon hybrid wheel expertise realizes the best of both materials, with weight savings over a traditional cast aluminum wheel of between 40 to 50 percent.

In addition to significantly reduced unsprung mass, carbon hybrid wheel technology also reduces rolling inertia and offers improved stiffness and strength. This offers enhanced safety since the carbon hybrid wheel can bend and spring back in the event of an unusually high load or sharp impact. This contrasts with one-piece aluminum wheels which can permanently deform or shatter. What’s more, carbon fiber’s inherent harmonic characteristics also reduce Noise Vehicle Harshness (NVH).

Carbon hybrid wheels also bring aesthetic advantages compared to one-piece carbon fiber wheels; a forged aluminum or magnesium centerpiece offering greater design flexibility than a solid carbon fiber wheel, which can be changed without incurring expensive re-tooling costs.

Currently, Dymag already offers a range of 18 to 23-inch carbon hybrid wheels. It will also add new 24- and 25-inch options later in the year. Dymag will also announce other OE supply arrangement with other carmakers as well.

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