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July 14, 2023

Hyundai's First High-Performance EV Is The 650-Horsepower Ioniq 5 N

Hyundai has unveiled its first driver-focused, high-performance EV: the Ioniq 5 N. Signaling a step to electrification for high-po Hyundais (more electric N models have been confirmed), the Ioniq 5 N meshes three pillars of performance: “Corner Rascal,” “Racetrack Capability,” and “Everyday Sportscar.”

Improvements to the dual-motor power unit and enhanced battery cooling help boost the Ioniq 5 N’s output to 650 horsepower. This drops its century sprint to 3.4 seconds, while top speed is 260 km/h. The 84-kWh battery can be charged at a rate of up to 350 kW topping it off from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes.

Providing better driver feedback, often a limitation with EVs, Hyundai has developed several sounds for the Ioniq 5 N. These include simulated sounds inspired by Hyundai’s very own 2.0-liter turbocharged engine to the sound inspired by twin-engine fighter jets. These are projected both inside and outside of the vehicle via speakers.

The single-speed transmission has also been tuned to simulate an 8-speed dual clutch automatic by controlling the motor output and the “jolt” between shifts. Moreover, it has a “Torque Kick Drift” function that simulates the clutch kick action of a rear-wheel driven combustion engine vehicle when initiating a drift.

Additional horsepower aside, the Ioniq 5 N’s E-GMP platform has been tweaked for this high-performance EV. It has 42 additional welding points and 2.1 meters of additional adhesives. Furthermore, the motor and battery mounting are reinforced, while the front and rear subframes have been enhanced for lateral rigidity. At each corner are 21-inch forged aluminum wheels shod with Pirelli P-Zero 275/35R21 tires.

Enhancing steering feedback and response, the steering column’s been strengthened and the rack-mounted motor-driven power steering system tweaked with a quicker ratio and enhanced torque feedback. Fully variable torque distribution (adjustable to 11 levels) and an electronic limited slip differential widens the performance of the electronically controlled suspension.

Using an EV’s regenerative braking function, Hyundai has transformed it into the “N Pedal” which uses decelerative force to provide better turn-in behavior. It generates up to 0.6 g (0.2 g during ABS activation). The stronger regen braking performance also reduces the load on the mechanical brakes. Speaking about the brakes, they are Hyundai’s most powerful system ever. The front has 4-piston, 400-mm monobloc discs, while the rear measures at 360 mm in diameter. These brakes are constructed with new lightweight materials and optimized airflow for improved cooling efficiency.

Other software enhancements include a battery pre-conditioning system which runs the battery at its optimal temperature. There are two modes—Drag (for short bursts of full power) or Track (for lowest possible battery temperature for more lamps). Meanwhile, with the N Race mode, drivers can choose between “Endurance” and “Sprint” modes.

At the front, the Ioniq 5 N receives a new fascia with air curtains and flaps for improved cooling. A lip spoiler runs across the lower part of the bumper to emphasize the low-slung stance. At the back is a wing-type spoiler and revised bumpers. Oh, and yes, it’s the first Ioniq 5 model to get a rear wiper.

In terms of proportions, the Ioniq 5 N sits 20 mm lower and is 50 mm wider at the bottom to accommodate the wider tires. It’s also 80 mm longer due to the more prominent diffuser.

Inside, the Ioniq 5 N features several “N” branded accents such as the new steering wheel with direct controls to its drive mode. The center console also adds knee pads and shin supports as well as a sliding armrest. Meanwhile, the seats have reinforced bolsters and are positioned 20 mm lower.

But much like the standard Ioniq 5, the Ioniq 5 N uses sustainable materials including recyclable paperette door decorative garnish, bio PET yarn from sugarcane, recycled PET yarn from recycled PET bottles, bio TPO from sugarcane and eco processed leather. IONIQ 5 N also uses recycled tire pigment paint and recycled poly Alcantara seat cover cloth.


  1. It's like the Kia EV6 GT.

    1. Close, but the Ioniq 5 N is more hardcore than the Kia EV6 GT. More power, more electronic handling aids too.

  2. Any chance this makes it to the Ioniq 5 line-up in the PH? HMPH said that the only N models they will consider bringing are the EV versions (I think they even mentioned that they are looking at this model in particular).

    Also I would 100% own this. This is the first ever EV built for the drivers in my opinion (before we get EV Alpines and Lotus sports cars) and all their experience enhancers (simulated gears, sounds that sound like an A45 AMG in the Ignition setting) seem well-executed.


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