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July 19, 2023

Ford Philippines Sales Grow 55 Percent In H1 2023

Ford Philippines delivered a strong retail performance for the first half of the year on the back of continued demand for its next-generation vehicle lineup.

First half 2023 retail sales rose 55 percent from a year ago to 13,838 vehicles, with the Ranger, Territory, and Everest driving overall sales.

The Ford Ranger was Ford’s top-selling vehicle in the country, with sales growing by 25 percent year-on-year to 5,436 units sold. Since its launch last year, the pickup truck has been a popular choice among truck enthusiasts.

The addition of the much-anticipated Ranger Raptor to the Ranger line-up also helped boost retail performance. Raptor sales reached close to 600 units since its launch in late May.

The newly-launched Territory also contributed to Ford’s strong sales during the first six months of the year. It solidified its position as the leading small SUV in the country with sales increasing by 22 percent to 4,493 units.

Meanwhile, the Ford Everest also continues to thrive in the competitive mid-size SUV segment, delivering strong sales performance for the first six months of the year growing by 503 percent from last year to 3,786 vehicles.

In the early part of the year, Ford Philippines also introduced new service initiatives designed to provide ease and convenience in owning a Ford vehicle, boosting the overall ownership experience for its customers. Express Service is offered to customers who prefer to have their vehicles serviced in a faster and more efficient way than regular maintenance. The program is designed to be performed within a period of 90 minutes.

Pickup and Delivery, on the other hand, is available to customers who are interested to have their Ford vehicle serviced without interrupting their day. Participating Ford dealers will pick-up the vehicle from the customers, service their vehicles, and bring the vehicles back to the customers’ preferred location.

“These milestones testify to our commitment to enhance the Ford ownership experience with vehicles and services that our customers need and deserve,” shares Mike Breen, managing director, Ford Philippines. “We celebrate these milestones with our customers who continue to patronize the Ford brand, as well as with our dealers for their partnership and commitment to enhance the customer experience. We are truly energized and excited for what’s to come for the second half of the year.”


  1. Clowns be like: Ford is unreliable. 🤡🤡🤡 Found On Road Dead 🤡🤡🤡

    But in reality... they're selling well. 😛

    1. Same goes with Hyundai and Kia, as while that's the reason why neither of these two South Korean carmakers are selling well in Thailand as Ford, I think when Hyundai (Motor Group) were to forge a partnership with Ford then a Hyundai x Ford alliance could still lose to Toyota mathematically. Since Hyundai/Kia's lineup currently does not have a pickup (aka ute in Australia/New Zealand and bakkie in South Africa) as Ford does the same with the lack of passenger cars, since the Fiesta, Focus, Ecosport and Escape are no longer in Ford's Southeast Asian lineup, that means Ford teaming up with Hyundai could be counted as laughable since Hyundai and Ford does not have the right products to make each others' cars given that Ford no longer markets cars in Japan (so does India) as Hyundai does not have much sales in the Japanese market either... (Also Kia is not available in Japan perhaps with Hyundai/Kia and Ford teaming up with each other therefore while they are not big in Japan means it could make sense for Hyundai/Kia to gain from Ford's presence in Thailand since Ford has more sales in the Thai market as I said earlier...)

  2. Ranger and Territory are really helping Ford boost it's sales.

  3. Haha Toyota pa rin sa sales

  4. Replies
    1. Of course, that would still work if when Ford and Hyundai were partnering with each other, but with Hyundai/Kia particularly unlikely to use Mazda engines that Ford used until circa 2010s then since the engine of the Territory (Chinese Ford) is essentially a piece of Mitsubishi engineering - as the technology of Hyundai's early cars were based on Mitsubishi products - would mean Hyundai/Kia may end up rebadging China-developed Ford products. As with the upcoming Santa Fe look uglier thereby Hyundai/Kia would rather sell rebadged essentially rear-wheel-drive (RWD) Everests and market them in the same way as Ford already does with the Everest - except India (since Ford no longer sells cars there) but unlike the Ford Everest a Hyundai/Kia version of the latter would even end up selling half of them in Latin America (including Brazil) and other emerging countries in the Americas like ex-British colonies Jamaica, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago etc.(Not to mention Ford deeply has more sales in Mexico, the Philippines and Thailand than Hyundai/Kia does in those markets.)


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