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November 28, 2018

Hella Wants You to Give the Gift of Safety This Christmas Season

With an average of 110,000 road crashes in Metro Manila alone, 40 of which are attributable to defective or faulty car parts, Hella—a leading European manufacturer of automotive parts wants you to give the gift of a safer ride this Christmas season.

Hella’s lineup of “visibility solutions” is now available at leading automotive supply stores across the country.

First up is Hella’s range of wipers. Featuring graphite-coated nanotechnology, these wipers offer a smooth and quiet operation. Plus, with optimal pressure distributed throughout the blade itself, expect a clean and streak-free wipe each and every time. Some wiper lines also come with a built-in spoiler to ensure better high-speed performance. In the Philippines, Hella offers the Premium, Curvo and Razor wiper blades.

Next, is Hella’s range of horns. Offering a varying range of sounds from a soft timbre (Royal Twin Tone trumpet) to a stronger, more penetrating tone (Super Tone), there’s a Hella horn for just about every vehicle application. Whatever the horn though, they are constructed to last up to twice the life of a typical OE horn and are corrosion resistant. They can also be installed in tight and limited spaces.

Finally, Hella is now offering a range of replacement light bulbs enabling drivers to see more clearly at night. Hella’s range of halogen bulbs offer a wider throw and a longer range allowing for faster reaction time for safer driving. They are also covered in UV-filtered quartz glass to reduce eyestrain and glare. Coming in two variants: PowerBleu and Platinum, both are designed for easy plug-and-play.

Advocating road safety by improving visibility, Hella doesn’t want you to become a road safety statistic this holiday season. Give the gift of a safer vehicle this Holiday season with these high-quality, secure, and stylish visibility solutions.

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