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November 8, 2018

QCN and BeepXtra Lends Support to Ayala Charity

The successful staging of the Tony Award winning play M Butterfly not just highlighted the talent of the Filipino thespians, but also the loving heart of the organizers.

In a generous show of support to charity groups, Quintessential Communicartions Network (QCN) and BeepXtra PH, donated to Teach for the Philippines—a charity group headed by Lizzie Eder Zobel de Ayala and vice-chairman Marissa Liboro-Delgado.

With the theme, “Education is everyone’s responsibility”, Teach for the Philippines promotes the importance of education in playing a key role in reducing proverty by improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

“We believe that within our ifetime, all Filipino children can have access to relevant and excellent education. We can achieve this by enlisting the country’s young leaders to teach for two years in public schools,” explains Liboro-Delgado.

Proceeds from ticket sales during the gala night of M Butterfly was part of the donation that was handed over to the Teach for the Philippines charity. QCN is a subsidiary of Codog Enterprises which includes Foilacar, Foilafly, and La Deco.

BeepXtra is a revolutionary Loyalty Program that focuses on building stronger customer relationships with stores existing clientele as well as giving incentives to customers to buy more.

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