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November 26, 2018

Grab Will Now Penalize Riders Who Cancel on Their Drivers

Warring Grab users beware: the ride-hailing company is now introducing a “Passenger Time Out” feature which penalizes you for cancelling a ride.

In order to create a ride-sharing experience that’s beneficial for both passengers and drivers, Grab has set the following limits:
  • Maximum of two (2) cancellations in 1 hour;
  • Maximum of three (3) cancellations in 24 hours;
  • Maximum of five (5) cancellations in 7 days
Going over the limit results in not being able to use Grab’s services for 23 hours.

If the passenger thinks the cancellation is just, they can still contact the customer support team to look into their case. If the Grab driver-partner is found to be at fault, the company says it will “affect their ratings which reduces their chances for incentives.”

How do you feel about this new scheme?

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