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December 21, 2018

Waze Philippines Reveals Best Time to Travel this Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful (and jam-packed) time of the year! Waze released traffic data to help you outsmart congested roads this holiday season.

Driving patterns from last year’s data indicated that more people were traveling in December compared to a regular month, highlighting a 10 percent increase in active users on Waze. Not only that there were more vehicles on the road, with drivers spending 12 percent more time on Waze in December compared to a regular month.

Keeping these driving patterns in mind, you can expect the same or even more vehicles and longer hours spent on the road this holiday season.

As you get busy with holiday preparations, below are the best and worst time to travel on the road during the Christmas period. Make sure you hit the road during the best time, so you can shorten your trip and spend more time with your loved ones.

The holiday celebration continues through to the new year as we prepare to countdown to 2019.  Drive smoothly to your new year celebrations by keeping the below traffic data in mind:

Take the stress out of planning a trip with Waze Planned Drives. All you have to do is enter the time and date you need to arrive, and Waze will recommend the best time to leave. You will also receive a reminder closer to your event with an updated departure time based on real-time traffic conditions in the area.

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