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December 19, 2018

Toyota Aims to Capture 25 Percent of TNVS Sales Across Asia

Toyota sees its future in ride-hailing companies as they announced “Total-care Service,” a pioneering set of mobility services specially designed for Transport Networking Companies or TNCs. The first customer for this new service? Ride-hailing giant, Grab.

Using onboard telematics data through a shared platform, “Total-care Service” will provide services such as fleet management, automotive insurance, and vehicle maintenance packages, aiming to expand the use of ride-hailing vehicles and enhance the driving experience for end users.

This move initiated by Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. (TMAP)—the sales and marketing regional headquarters of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Asia, comes three months after Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) announced a plan to provide Grab partner-drivers preferential ownership and maintenance packages.

Singapore is the first market to see Total-care Service where TMAP will offer it to the 1,500 Toyota vehicles currently owned by Grab through its subsidiary GrabRentals.

TMAP and Grab will sequentially offer this service to Grab-owned Toyota vehicles across Southeast Asia. In addition, both companies will work to increase the share of Toyota vehicles in Grab’s fleet in the region by 25 percent by 2020.

Grab will also seek to implement Toyota’s world-renowned Toyota Production System (TPS), a system based on a philosophy of eliminating waste, to improve Grab’s business operational efficiency.

Ride-hailing vehicles tend to accrue five times more mileage than privately-owned vehicles. To keep vehicles in safe, good working condition, it is essential to provide proper vehicle maintenance based on the vehicle’s condition. Driver-partner and passenger safety is a top priority for Grab, and by ensuring that driver-partners are driving vehicles that receive timely maintenance, Grab aims to provide the highest level of safety on its platform.

Through the Total-care Service, driving data is collected by Toyota’s in-vehicle data-transmission device, TransLog, and sent to the Mobility Services Platform (MSPF), an information infrastructure developed by Toyota for vehicle connectivity.

Grab, Toyota, and local dealers will use such vehicle data collaboratively to achieve a safer and more secure ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia. For example, using vehicle data, Grab will be able to provide its driver-partners with support and safety advice as needed. In addition, Toyota dealers will apply TPS to vehicle maintenance for Grab-owned vehicles.

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