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December 9, 2018

Nissan Leaf Arrives in ASEAN Market

The best-selling Electric Vehicle in the world, the Nissan Leaf is finally in the ASEAN market. Making its debut at the Thailand International Motor Expo 2018, the Leaf’s arrival to the region fulfills the Japanese carmaker’s promise to bring in their all-electric hatchback within the 2018-2019 Japanese Fiscal Year (April 2018-March 2019).

In Thailand, the Leaf will carry a bumper-to-bumper 3-year / 100,000-kilometer warranty, a 5-year / 100,000 EV system warranty, and an 8-year / 160,000-kilometer battery deterioration warranty. Out of 182 dealers in the Kingdom, only 33 are certified to sell and service it; making the Leaf a highly specialized vehicle.

Nissan Thailand has also revealed the Leaf’s pricing which gives us the earliest possible indication of what it might cost if it does make its way here. It will sell for 1,990,000 Thai baht (~ P 3,200,000) and will include features such as the Nissan Safety Shield.

If that price seems a bit steep, it is. Given our computations back in February, the Leaf should only cost P 1,830,000 if the owner wants to pocket the savings from having to pump liquified animal remains into their car on a weekly basis.

Still, the Leaf is still pretty awesome to drive as we experienced in our first drive in Singapore last February.

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