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December 28, 2018

Suzuki Shows Off Jimny Pickup Truck

Dammit, Suzuki…just take our money. If you thought it couldn’t get any better than the all-new Jimny, think again. The Japanese carmaker just released a pair of “concepts” based on their all-new cute-ute and they’re just awesome.

The headline grabbing of the pair is the “Suzuki Sierra Pickup Style.” As its name suggests, it’s a pickup truck based on the export (wider) version of the Jimny. As such, it gets its backend cut off and in its place is a small cargo bed, perfect probably for Japan’s tiny streets. It also turns up the retro vibe with wood paneling on the sides that match with the bronze-colored interior scheme and white roof. It even gets vintage-looking wheels to boot!

Now, if pickup style isn’t your game, Suzuki also showed off the Jimny Survive Concept. Based on the JDM (narrower) version of the Jimny, the Jimny Survive shows how an accessorized version of this ladder-on-frame SUV could look like. For that, it gains an external rollover cage, a winch, custom wheels, and aluminum diamond plates.

While this pair are strictly concepts at this point, the accessories presented here show what a Jimny owner could possibly do to enhance their SUV. And as for a Jimny-based pickup truck? It’s not entirely impossible as Suzuki has already done so in the past.


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  2. Thank you for the article. Any idea when the Jimny would launch in the Philippines?

  3. How much nd when it will available jimney pickup


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