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September 5, 2019

Is the Volkswagen Brasilia Making a Comeback?

Remember the Volkswagen Brasilia? The Beetle/Karmann Ghia-based hatchback that VW launched in the 1970s? Well, it looks like it’ll make a comeback in 2020 based on a teaser sketch released by the German automaker.

It’s worth noting that the Brasilia name isn’t finalized yet (it’s officially called the “New Urban Coupe”, but it could very well be because like its namesake, it will be designed, designed, and manufactured by Volkswagen Brazil completely in-house.

Underpinned by Volkswagen’s MQB architecture, it represents a hefty 1.5 billion Euro investment to update its South American operations to develop new products.

Under Volkswagen’s regionalization strategy, Volkswagen is poised to introduced 20 new models in Brazil. The Brasilia or if you prefer, New Urban Coupe is unique because not only will it be produced, marketed, and sold in Brazil in 2020, it will also make its way to international markets such as Europe by 2021.

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  1. Serious question:

    Why do you keep posting VW articles about models that will NEVER be sold here? Why not just focus on the CDM veedubs instead since that's what the VW Philippines smart asses think is the only vehicles Filipinos deserve, and not the marquee models?


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