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January 1, 2020

Volvo's T8 Twin Engine Line Results in Cleaner Air Inside and Out

Volvo prides itself as being designed around people, and with that, they have made it their mission to be environmentally responsible—a tough act for any carmaker.

With 22 percent of total global carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport sector, Volvo is doing their part, utilizing renewable energy sources in 80 percent of their global production plants. Currently, they’ve reduced their total operational emissions by 25 percent per car in 2018, with a goal of cutting it by 40 percent per car in 2025, and be climate neutral by 2040.

Together with its plan to generate 50 percent of global sales from fully electric cars by 2025, Volvo is doing their part to reduce PM 2.5—the most harmful form of air pollution which can linger in the air and is able to penetrate into the lungs and bloodstream.

Volvo Cars Philippines took the first step recently by introducing the market’s first-ever premium Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles in models underpinned by the Volvo Scalable Product Architecture: the XC60 (P 5,795,000), XC90 (P 7,995,000), and S90 (P 5,995,000).

With the T8 Twin Engine, these Volvo models can run on pure electric mode for up to 40 kilometers. And with the Volvo Wallbox—charging is as easy as charging a mobile phone. Furthermore, unlike pure EVs, a high-performance gasoline engine is present to get rid of any range anxiety.

Aside from cleaning the air outside, Volvo models come with technologies that make for a serene, healthy cabin experience. The CleanZone air purification system is considered as one of the industry’s most efficient at filtering out harmful particulates in the incoming air. The new carbon filter also neutralizes unwanted odors as well.

The S90, XC60, and XC90 T8 Twin Engine all invite people to enjoy the clean power of Volvo’s electrified cars—recharged for a better drive and the vision of a climate-neutral future. Not only do these vehicles contribute to alleviating the cause of air pollution, but they also help its occupants breathe a sigh of confidence because of its clean cabin innovations.

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