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April 19, 2021

5 Facts About The Lamborghini Ad Personam Customization Program

Owners of Lamborghini cars already belong to a small, select clientele. While the chances of bumping into another Huracan or Urus are slim at best, through the Lamborghini Ad Personam program, owners can pretty much make sure that no two are alike.

Through the exclusive Lamborghini Ad Personam program, Lamborghini provides customers numerous ways in which they could individualize their car to match their personality. The possibilities are infinite, offering combinations of colors and materials, to personalized touches like embroidered initials and color reproduction.

The program has more curiosities, and here are just some things you probably did not know about it:

#1. The most color choices in the auto industry

Lamborghini Ad Personam holds the record in the auto industry for the most number of color shades and palettes offered with 348 unique Ad Personam colors. When it comes to colors, Lamborghini’s most demanding customers are those in the Americas.

#2. Exterior color options count diamond dust paint

Forget about aluminum flakes. The latest innovation in exterior colors is the use of a new transparent paint containing diamond dust micro crystals. Thanks to a unique processing technique that combines artistic craftsmanship and technology, a Lamborghini bodywork using this becomes iridescent, changing color depending on the reflections of the light.

#3. Owners are meticulous stitch work

Through the skill of Lamborghini’s upholstery department and the Ad Personam team, requests for decorations and embroidery are possible. Such individual touches include décor like hand-stitched rather than hot-embossed seat logo, embroidered patterns of branches and peach blossoms, portraits of the customer or their beloved pet, designs in street art style with the bull, “splash-effect” color (like in the Aventador S by Skyler Grey), and images of the skyline of their favorite city.

#4. Red is the color of choice for Asia

Ad Personam’s color choices are linked to the different nationalities and the social and cultural dimensions in which Lamborghini customers live. The program finds that Rosso Efesto (a shade of dark red) is most popular color in Asia-Pacific; Verde Alceo (a shade of metallic green) is most preferred in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, while Blu Cepheus (a shade of light blue) is the favorite in the Americas.

#5. Psychology research is used in creating color families

The latest development in Ad Personam is the identification of five color families. Using studies conducted by experts in neuromarketing and color psychology, along with Lamborghini Centro Stile, the project was able to profile Lamborghini customers’ preferences via their cultural backgrounds, tastes, personalities and attitudes.

The Sportiva family suits those who are bold and youthful. The Contemporanea family reflects the tastes of customers drawn to informal, minimalist luxury. The Eclettica family represents freshness, innovation and flair, while the Classica family are reserved for customers favoring traditional colors. The Tecnica family is designed for high-performance enthusiasts who want cutting-edge technology and new materials and colors.

Bonus Fact: Lamborghini Ad Personam is offered in the Philippines

Through its sole distributor, PGA Cars, Lamborghini does offer this customization program for its customers in the Philippines. Of course, the price and production lead times vary depending on the request, but if you are in the market for a brand-new Lamborghini, it is best to talk to your sales agent on how you exactly want your exterior paint, or interior embroidery to look and feel like.

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