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April 30, 2021

Superfaster: Ferrari To Release Faster Version of 812 Superfast

Ferrari will be releasing a faster version of its 812 Superfast (could we call it Superfaster?), and they’ve revealed the first official images ahead of the launch on May 5.

At the heart of this limited-edition Ferrari is its V12 engine; tweaked to rev to 9,500 rpm—the highest of any Ferrari road car. Producing about 830 horsepower, engineers have done improvements to several components such as putting in a new valve timing mechanism and new exhaust system.

The pure yet brutal power is then matched with improved handling. Most distinctive of these solutions is the adoption of independent steering on all four wheels and the extensive use of carbon fiber to reduce its weight.

Of course, aerodynamic efficiency is also important so they’ve worked on maximizing downforce. It gets new front air intakes, rear diffuser, and a rear windshield fitted with vortex generators. Subsequently, the new single-piece aluminum structure that replaces the glass rear screen has become its most recognizable design trait.

Ferrari will reveal more information about this limited-edition model on May 5. In typical Ferrari fashion, all units will likely have been sold out prior to its global launch. You can catch the world premiere though on the Ferrari Philippines Facebook page at 8:30 PM Manila time.

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