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April 19, 2021

Geely's Flagship SUV Has 238 Horsepower And Offers Unmanned Automated Valet

Geely Auto is confirming that its new CMA-based SUV is heading to global markets. Known internally as the KX11, it has since taken on the name Xingyue L for the Chinese market (it goes on sale there in the coming weeks). It serves as their new flagship SUV offering the best that Geely has to offer.

Designed at Geely Design Shanghai, the Xingyue L is the latest interpretation of the carmaker’s design motif. From the “Accelerating through Space and Time” aesthetic, Geely evolved it even further to “Symphony of Space and Time”—a blend of both Eastern and Western design philosophies.

Sitting on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), shared with other members of the Geely family including Volvo Cars, the Xingyue L features a wide 1,610 mm wheel track and a long 2,845 mm wheelbase. This results in a bold and strong presence.

At the front, the Xingyue L features three-segmented matrix headlamps. With 126 individually-controllable LEDs, it allows brightness and even lighting effects to be customized. From the side, the design is decidedly streamlined, while at the back, the dot-matrix tail lamps have 176 LEDs creating the visual effect of a cosmic aura.

Inside, the Xingyue L boasts of an immersive and luxurious cabin that offers the best experience for drivers and passengers. The first feature that stands out is a meter-long flowing infotainment screen connecting the front passenger to the driver. It also shows the latest generation GKUI system with a high-definition 1,920 x 720 display.

Geely has also experimented with colors for the Xingyue L’s interior. It comes with a two-tone interior with “cyberpunk black” accents with “classical bronze verdigris patina.” According to the brand, the cyberpunk black highlights the model’s technological heritage while the verdigris green is reminiscent of ritual bronze ware given to nobility in Asian history. Custom suede is present throughout the interior giving occupants a low-key hint of luxury with its soft feather like feel. Weaving in the seats incorporate Chinese elements like classical knots, adding an element of refinement in the details while giving a visual reminder of where the brand is from.

Technology also plays a major part in creating a luxurious interior environment. The Xingyue L comes with a 10-speaker high-performance Bose sound system which is combined with engine harmonic noise reduction technology and double layered soundproofing. Interior lighting has also been raised to the next level with a customizable 72-color atmospheric lighting scheme that changes according to the driving mode.

The Xingyue L is powered by a 2.0-liter direct injection turbocharged engine co-developed between Geely and Volvo. It can be matched either to an in-house 7-speed wet-type dual clutch, or an Aisin 8-speed automatic. There are two tunes available with the high-powered version getting 238 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque making it capable of doing a 0 to 100 km/h run in 7.7 seconds, or a 217-horsepower, 325 Nm of torque version capable of a 0 to 100 km/h time of 7.9 seconds.

It will also get a BorgWarner sixth-generation all-wheel drive system. A 50:50 front/rear torque distribution is possible offering Xingyue L users improved off-road performance. Five driving modes will be available including a dedicated off-road mode.

For the Chinese market, the Geely Xingyue L comes with a completely unmanned automated valet system. Within a 200-meter area such as a parking lot, the Xingyue L can drive 100 percent on its own, search for spots and park itself. The reverse can also be accomplished by calling the Xingyue L to pick up the user within a 200-meter area. The vehicle is able to achieve this feat through the integration of 12 ultrasonic radars, five millimeter wave radars, four high-def surround view cameras, one monocular camera, one dashcam, one interior camera, and 24 environmental sensors.

It will also come with full firmware Over The Air (OTA) updates which allows fundamental aspects of the vehicle including intelligent safety, infotainment, power, chassis, autonomous drive, and connectivity to be upgraded over time.

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