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April 22, 2021

MG Will Let You Decide If You Want Them To Build The Cyberster Sportscar

When MG showed off the Cyberster at Auto Shanghai, most thought that this sportscar concept was nothing more than a design study; after all, they did mention once before that they considered the segment too niche.

Well, based on positive feedback during the show, MG can actually make the Cyberster happen, and you have the finally say in that.

Alongside the Cyberster, MG launched a platform called, MG CyberCUBE.

The MG CyberCUBE is a bold and interactive business model that’s designed to operate via active crowd-funding. And the first project is to determine whether or not the MG Cyberster sportscar will be mass-produced.

MG estimates the production Cyberster to be a RMB 1 billion project, and it has set a target of receiving 5 percent of that amount, RMB 50 million through 5,000 crowd-funded shares. Each share will amount to RMB 1,000 or roughly P 7,500 per share. If they are able to sell all the shares, the concept is considered a success, and they will make it ready for mass production.

Should the MG Cyberster become a regular offering in the global MG roster of vehicles, it will mark a particularly significant milestone in MG history: a cutting-edge EV sportscar with autonomous driving technology. And, of course, it marks the return of an MG roadster to the brand’s illustrious product lineup.

The MG Cyberster wants to be a reality, and its future is in the people’s hands.

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