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April 29, 2021

It Looks Like Honda Is Launching The All-New Mobilio and BR-V This May

Honda isn’t wasting any time trying to grab the headlines from the newly-launched Toyota Raize in ASEAN. It’s now confirmed that they are also holding the world premiere of a brand-new model on May 3, 2021—and that could very well be the next-generation Mobilio and/or BR-V.

Showing it off with a single teaser photo (see above), one could easily mistake it for the all-new CR-V which is also coming within the year. However, given that this global debut will be happening in Indonesia, the likely scenario would be for Honda to launch a small 7-seater MPV or SUV—categories which are very popular over there (and here as well).

Previously, pronouncements were made by the Business Innovation and Sales Marketing Director of Honda Prospect Motor Yusak Billy, who said that the company is indeed developing the second-generation Mobilio. Honda Prospect Motor is a subsidiary of Honda and handles the production, marketing, and export of Honda passenger cars in Indonesia.

Nothing has been confirmed, but Billy said that FGDs revealed that owners wanted the second-generation Mobilio to “sport more inches” indicating a growth spurt for the all-new model. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out though that it will likely share the all-new City’s platform, including its new DOHC-equipped 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine.

After a quick tweaking of the teaser (see second photo), it’s very clear that the all-new Mobilio will gain a much beefier look and more upright stance compared to the current model. It won’t be surprising if Honda decides to combine the Mobilio and BR-V’s development into one single model, similar to what Mitsubishi has done with the Xpander and Xpander Cross.

In true Honda fashion, the all-new Mobilio / BR-V will likely debut as a thinly disguised concept first before becoming a full-fledged prototype model by the end of this year. It must be noted that the Mobilio and/or BR-V was supposed to debut late last year. However, the coronavirus pandemic meant that Honda pushed back the launch.

Whatever this all-new model, the May 3 is just around the corner. More details will surely come out by then.


  1. Here's to hoping that Honda will create a game changer and finally bring the 1.5L 7-seater MPV/"SUV" segment up to 21st century standards. Currently, most of the small MPVs just aren't good overall. There's the Toyota Avanza/Rush which suffers from poor driving dynamics, poor ride quality, impractical interior packaging, poor comfort, etc but atleast has safety covered well. The Xpander is ridiculously overpriced (and ugly, IMO) and has a powertrain from the 90s (4 speed auto in 2021..), but atleast it is packaged well and is quite comfortable. The current gen Mobilio/BR-V I think are actually one of the better choices in its class right now, with still the most power and torque, but let down by poor NVH and refinement, impractical interior (surprising coming from the same company that builds the Jazz), and less-than-average ride quality. The Ertiga/XL7 is probably the smartest buy, not because it is excellent at everything, but rather because its competition is too expensive yet just as compromised. It's sad, because a lot of people are invested into this segment yet most of the products here are not good enough by 2021 standards. People deserve better. With the new Mobilio/BR-V, I believe Honda can finally make a 7-seater that is much less compromised than the others.

    1. indeed, Honda changed the game when they introduced the BRV, forcing Toyota and Mitsubishi to bring out the Rush and Xpander. Now both has caught up with it, taking away sales. Honda needs to fight back. As a BRV owner I'm kinda excited to see what they come up with, based on that teaser, it reminds me of the Passport or Pilot :D

  2. ganyan talaga kapag built to a price. mahirap mageexpect ng maganda sa mga ganitong presyo na 7 seater. agree ddin ako eh, lahat ng choices napaka underwhelming, pero ganyan talaga yan

    1. Agree much on this. You'll get what you paid for. Unless Xpander Cross, XL7, Avanza or Rush or any new entry MPV-crossovers from other car makers decides to level up the game plan, no one including BR-V will do much to lessen their bottom line on these models. BTW, which one here is market leader in this segment?

    2. Xpander is the clear leader in the MPV space. When it comes to the 7-seater SUV though, it's the Rush.


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