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April 27, 2021

There's A Reason Why Honda Designs Have Been Ho-Hum Lately

There’s now a very plausible reason why Honda designs of late—as seen in the all-new Jazz/Fit and HR-V/Vezel aren’t as sharp as they were: they’re concentrating their efforts on their car’s interiors.

Starting with the all-new Civic, Honda’s new interior design is themed, “Simplicity and Something.” The rather unfortunate millennial naming convention aside, Honda says it’s all about going back to the human-centered design of their earlier vehicles.

“Simplicity” is pretty much self-explanatory, but together with “Something,” Honda says they plan to enhance their car’s driving experience by eliminating complexity and pushing forward the entire user experience through “thoughtful and pleasing design elements.” Overall, they plan on maximizing cabin space by reducing the space required for mechanical components—a renewed focus on their “Man Maximum/Machine Minimum” approach.

Among the key design features of Simplicity and Something are interiors free of visual clutter, thin pillars, a low cowl, and large glass areas. They will also have thorough design details such as the knurling of a knob, and even better materials.

“Simplicity and Something” will also mean that each model will have its own unique personality. This, they say, will help differentiate each of their products, and make future Hondas something you want to drive and are excited to use.


  1. something can mean anything, I guess it's up to future owners on how they see and feel the car :D

    That said I do like the more simpler approach, easier to clean lol

  2. "Something" reads more like "losing the plot".

    (As if my Jazz's interior is still a mindboggling mystery to me....Really now?)


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