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April 22, 2021

Mitsubishi Revives Airtrek Name For All-Electric SUV

Mitsubishi is bringing back the Airtrek name, but this time, it’ll be used for an all-new electric SUV.

Once a sister product to the global Outlander, the Airtrek will now be built by Mitsubishi’s joint-venture partner, GAC Motor. So far, it is destined only for the Chinese market. The growing demand for zero emissions vehicle there means Mitsubishi has to come up with a more radical solution than its current offering, the Outlander PHEV.

Teased for a market release in late 2021, the Airtrek is based on the concept of an “e-cruising SUV.” “E” in this case stands for “electric,” “expanding (as in expanding life’s pleasures with a car,” and “expressive” (expressing the uniqueness of Mitsubishi as a brand).

According to Mitsubishi, the all-new Airtrek generates an “image of advanced sophistication fit for an EV while incorporating Mitsubishi Motor’s consistent design identity, represented by its Dynamic Shield front design concept.”

Aside from the Dynamic Shield design, the Aitrek also debuts styling akin to the e-EVOLUTION Concept first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017.

The all-new Airtrek will be Mitsubishi’s fourth model in China.

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