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October 5, 2021

230,000 Sold And Counting: Why These People Chose To Lead With The Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Motor Philippines, the country’s top automotive company and a firm believer in the value of “kaizen” (Japanese term that means constant improvement), aims to always deliver the highest level of quality across its offerings. From this same mindset originates the Toyota Fortuner—the vehicle of choice for Filipinos with the power to lead.

Embodying top-notch qualities and delivering a next-level driving experience, the Toyota Fortuner has earned kingship within its category. The Fortuner never missed the list of the country’s top selling 7-seater SUVs every year. It has been hailed as the best-selling SUV in the Philippines, having sold more than 230,000 units since 2005.

Peak performance fit for a segment king

A perfect match for brave business owners and visionary young professionals paving their way to a better future, each Fortuner safely guides its owners and passengers as they lead their everyday lives. Arch. Wilbye Manlutac, can attest to the reliability and trustworthiness of his SUV.

“My family first owned a 2007 model of the Fortuner before switching to the 2018 model. The older model’s reliability and efficiency served as our main reason for getting the newer version.” Arch. Wilbye shared. “Having experienced two models of the Fortuner, I can say that Toyota does an amazing job designing cars that deliver on both function and form. Luxury and comfort are definitely something that the Fortuner offers at the perfect balance.”

A leader knows how to perform—wherever life’s roads may go. Being the king in its class and having been present on Philippine roads for over 15 years, the Fortuner has proven its capability to adapt to new challenges and an ever-changing terrain.

The power to surmount every obstacle is in a leader’s DNA, as portrayed by the Fortuner’s dynamic and fuel-efficient engine. With that, it is more than capable of bringing its owner through great distance and to great heights.

Beyond this, the Fortuner also promises safety—a universal and fundamental quality among all Toyota vehicles. The Fortuner commits to deliver ease of use and peace of mind with its combination of advanced passive and active safety features. Certain variants also have the Toyota Safety Sense, which equips the Fortuner with Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and Adaptive Cruise Control. Other safety additions available for select variants of the Fortuner are the Panoramic View Monitor (PVM), Blind Spot Monitor (BSM), and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA).

Premier power and perks

Being ahead of the pack entails knowing how to work hard but also when to play hard. Flexibility spells the difference for those that excel. Being well-equipped for various driving situations, the Fortuner is a worthy companion, whether on new ventures or on daily journeys—as attested to by Crysler David, a Toyota Fortuner owner since 2019.

“My fondest memories with Lisha (my Fortuner’s name) are the long drives I’ve taken with it. Driving Lisha to exciting places like La Union and Pangasinan with my friends is always an adventure,” Crysler said.

Lisha, Crysler’s Fortuner, has been with him since 2019 and has accompanied him through various travels.

The Fortuner possesses components that are convenient for road trips and out-of-towns such as a spacious trunk, a stable and adventurous stance and a powerful engine. Select variants of the vehicle also introduce new functional power features such as the Kick Sensor, which enables the boot to open automatically with a simple foot movement to make loading equipment and baggage easier. These features make the Fortuner the vehicle of choice for those who love to enjoy life’s most thrilling moments

A leader on all fronts

True frontrunners set the tone for greatness from the very first impression. The Toyota Fortuner does the same effectively with its striking exterior and signature commanding appearance which emanate confidence and elegance for its owner.

The Fortuner’s premium features go beyond its sleek colorways, machine cut alloy wheels, exclusive bumper designs, and top-quality headlights and turn signals. The vehicle’s interior also offers immersive styling and progressive technology. The inside of the Toyota Fortuner—with variants that boast accented leather seats, interior illumination system and 9-speaker JBL sound system paired with Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility feature—is designed to make every passenger at home, wherever the destination may be.

From the outside in, the Toyota Fortuner aims to inspire luxury with its dynamic exterior and premium interior.

With all these and more, the Fortuner proves to be a staunch companion—whether when leading in life’s literal and figurative highroads or when leading every new adventure. So, for those who deserve the power, performance and perks of being a leader, the Fortuner proves to be the best automotive partner.

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