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September 9, 2022

Changan PH Offers Flexible Deals Until September 30

Changan Motor Philippines, Inc. (CMPI) the official distributor of Changan vehicles in the country, makes buying their vehicles easier with the Flex in the City promo.

From September 6 to 30, 2022, grab great deals and choose the flex package that is best for you when you purchase a Changan Alsvin, CS35 Plus, or CS75 Plus from any authorized Changan dealership or sales outlet.

Cash Discounts
  • P 65,000 off on the on the Changan Alsvin 1.4L 5MT (SRP P 629,000); P 70,000 off on the 1.5L 5DCT variant (SRP P 689,000); and P 80,000 off on the 1.5L 5DCT Platinum variant (SRP P 739,000).
  • P 101,000 off on the Changan CS35 Plus, 1.4L 7DCT- Lite variant (SRP P 999,000); P 120,000 off on the 1.4L DCT Hype variant (SRP P 1,149,000); P 110,000 off on the 1.4L 7DCT Luxe variant (SRP 1,169,000).
  • P 105,000 off (SRP P1,379,000) on the Changan CS75 Plus.
Easy Down Payment
  • For the Alsvin 1.4L 5MT, P 23,830 down payment; the 1.5L 5DCT P 26,030 down payment; and for the 1.5L 5DCT Platinum, P 22,030 down payment.
  • For the CS35 Plus Lite, P 32,230 down payment; Hype, P 31,230 down payment; and Luxe, P 43,630 down payment.
  • For the CS75 Plus, P 77,580 down payment.
Low Amortization Plan at 50 Percent Down Payment (Payable In 60 Months)
  • For the Alsvin 1.4L 5MT P 314,500 down payment + P6,174 monthly; 1.5L 5DCT P 344,500 down payment + P 6,783 monthly; 1.5L DCT Platinum P 369,500 + P7,193 monthly.
  • For the CS35 Plus Lite, P 499,500 + P 9,843 monthly; Hype P 574,500 DP + P 11,257 monthly; Luxe P 584,500 + P 11,654 monthly.
  • For the CS75 Plus P 689,500 down payment + P14,160 monthly
For those opting for the low down payment option, Changan is throwing in these perks for free: one-year comprehensive motorcar insurance, three-year LTO registration, chattel mortgage, and tint, floor mats, and seat covers.

Get to know Changan’s roster up-close at a Changan dealer or outlet nearest you, or at the next Flex in the City mall tours: from September 14 to 20 at the SM Mall of Asia; September 15 to 17 at the UP Town Center.

Check out the full list of Changan dealers and outlets below:
  • Changan Baguio City
  • Changan Baliwag
  • Changan Batangas
  • Changan Butuan
  • Changan Cagayan de Oro
  • Changan Cainta
  • Changan Cebu
  • Changan Commonwealth Ave.
  • Changan Dasmariñas
  • Changan Dumaguete
  • Changan E. Rodriguez
  • Changan General Santos
  • Changan Heroes Hills
  • Changan Iloilo
  • Changan Lipa
  • Changan Manila Bay
  • Changan Pagsanjan
  • Changan San Fernando, Pampanga
  • Changan San Jose del Monte
  • Changan Santa Rosa
  • Changan Santiago
  • Changan Shaw Boulevard
  • Changan Tacloban
  • Changan Tagbilaran
  • Changan Tuguegarao
  • Changan Tutuban
  • Changan Zamboanga


  1. The discounts for the Changan CS35, w adaptive cruise, w autonomous braking, etc., are very tempting.
    Haist, if only I had the money.
    I think the only drawbacks of this vehicle are the badge and the DCT ('jerky', accdg to some reviews).

  2. Sir Uly, hope you can review the facelifted CS35 (I think, if I'm not mistaken, you liked the pre-facelift version.).

    1. I was supposed to get the facelifted CS35 Plus...until my review of the CS75 Plus came out haha. They canceled it.

    2. Oh, the consequence of being a (brutally) honest reviewer :)
      Hope you can review a GAC vehicle then :)

    3. Yeah. We don't have to worry about trying to sell a car or trying to get a commission from leads generated from our stories/reviews. That's why we can be honest in the way we do our reviews ;-)

  3. Here we go again... Sneaky price increases:

    CS35 Plus Lite – P 898,000 (no change)
    CS35 Plus Hype – P 969,000 (1.029 now, 60k price increase)
    CS35 Plus Luxe – P 999,000 (1.059 now, 60k price increase)

    If they can actually not increase prices on the base model, why a sudden increase with the mid & high level variant?????

    1. Changan really is Now the new KING HARI😠😠😠

    2. You're complaining as if you can afford one 🤣Car distributors in the country regularly change the prices of their vehicles and they've got the right to do that as they don't want to lose profits and earnings.

    3. Failed strategy...thats why they were kicked out from hyundae distributorships😭😭😭 And now hari is ruining changan


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