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September 14, 2022

Honda To Accelerate Electric Motorcycle Development

With Honda wanting to realize carbon neutrality for all its products and corporate activities by 2050, they’ve announced plans to accelerate the electrification of its motorcycles.

Anticipating market expansion, Honda will introduce electric motorcycles that accommodate a wide range of customer needs. Commuter models and fun models combined, Honda will introduce more than 10 new electric motorcycle models by 2025, with an aim to reach annual electric motorcycle sales of 1 million units within the next five years, and 3.5 million units (approximately 15 percent of total sales) by 2030.

Honda is planning to expand the availability not just of its business-oriented offerings, but they want to introduce two commuter models between 2024 to 2025. In addition, they also plan to introduce five Electric Moped (maximum speed of 50 km/h) and Electric Bicycle (maximum speed of 25 km/h) models by 2024. Beyond that, three “fun” models will be released first in Japan, U.S., and Europe by 2025.

Aside from holistically developing motorcycles (including its key components such as the motor, battery, and power control unit), Honda is also planning to introduce an all-solid-state battery using its own R&D. They also plan to add value to their business by switching from a non-recurring hardware (product) sales business to a recurring business model combining hardware and software.

For example, Honda will enhance electric motorcycle ownership by offering connectivity options including optimal route planning and even a safe riding coach. They also have plans of linking not just their motorcycles but other Honda vehicles as well to create a connected network of vehicles to unlock other possible functionalities and features.

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