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September 29, 2022

Meet The World's Most Sustainable Audio System From Warwick Acoustics

Warwick Acoustics says they’ve come up with the world’s most sustainable audio system. The ‘Clean Sound’ ElectroAcoustic Panels could shape the future of in-car audio systems, particular for carmakers who’re on the journey towards carbon neutrality.

The ElectroAcoustic Panels are produced exclusively from 100 percent by mass upcycled and recyclable materials, with no rare-earth metals and via environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

In addition, when compared to existing conventional in-car audio systems, ElectroAcoustic Panels are on average up to 75 percent lighter, and consume up to 90 percent less power thanks to its unique electrostatic technology. This delivers additional CO2 benefits to OEMs and customers by contributing to enhanced EV range and lower vehicle battery requirements.

The close analogy here is an LED light bulb versus an incandescent filament light bulb.

Research published by EDAG, the world's largest independent engineering service provider in the automotive industry, states that automotive OEMs’ adoption of ‘clean’ audio technology has the realistic potential to achieve major reductions in CO2 emissions from EVs.

According to EDAG, users utilize their car audio system for roughly 260 hours per year. Given this level of use, a 1-watt reduction in audio system power consumption of an EV vehicle would save approximately 80 grams of CO2 emissions per year through reductions in electricity generation.

With an ElectroAcoustic Panel audio system saving on average 50 watts of power consumption (up to ten times this amount in high specification systems), it can save on average just under 4 kilograms of CO2 emissions per vehicle per year in primary power consumption savings. When applied across the European Union’s 246 million cars, this would represent emissions savings in the order of 1 megaton of CO2 per year.

Warwick Acoustics it headquartered in the Warwickshire, UK, at the very heart of the UK automotive industry. Their factory will soon benefit and be powered by renewable energy resources on-site through clean, green hydrogen technologies and Solar Farms.

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